Wuhai police successfully rescued a suicide woman

2022-07-06 0 By

At 8 o ‘clock on February 3, a man in a hurry walked into the Hall of reception and treatment of Xinhua Street police station of The Haibo Bay Area Public Security Sub-bureau.According to the police inquiry, the man had an argument with his wife that day because of some family matters, and his wife ran away from home in anger and sent him a message that he wanted to kill himself.Xinhua street police station integrated operations immediately on the alert, while man can provide very little information, only a small section of the woman suicide show information of video, but the personnel on duty for the local terrain and buildings is very familiar with, by observing the bars in the video, and suicide is most likely to go to several places,Xinhua street police station attendant keen determine the location of the woman is the wuhai lake bridge, deputy director of the foremen HengChunJiang led festival police officers on duty immediately rushed a police, after almost 40 minutes of struggling, finally found the woman in the middle of the bridge and first woman emotional persuasion, not because of fear of the accident,Heng kept calming the woman with words and slowly approached her until he reached her arm.In order to prevent the woman still hard, accident, police auxiliary police against the cold wind with the woman walking about a kilometer, finally in the heart of persuasion, the woman finally agreed to return to the police station and police.To the police station, after the police to the police man and his wife patient and careful persuasion, the couple opened the knot, hand in hand left the police station.Xinhua Street police station on duty civilian auxiliary police to the Spring Festival I am on duty, for the people do not close the stick to the spirit of the Spring Festival, the release of a different flavor of the New Year.