Chinese toon, after all is “health master” or “cancer master”?Here’s the answer

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Cedar is more common in people life of a vegetable, don’t know in cedar containing calcium phosphate potassium sodium and other beneficial ingredients to the body, but the cedar smell more exciting, but there are a lot of people say not to cedar accept, but some people think coriander taste delicious, moreover, cedar is also many, 70 people most like to eat dishes.To a lot of 70’s person unexpectedly say Chinese toon bud can be a childhood rare get delicious food, they will just grow Chinese toon bud cover egg shell, after waiting for Chinese toon to grow up can get tender Chinese toon bud.But there are quite a few young people now, but has said it could not accept the smell of cedar, while the cedar contains more nutrients, vitamins, carotenoids, etc., but still, cedar accept incompetence, or even smell the smell of cedar, felt very sick, some people are even only for the cedar has a nose,Think there are still more carcinogenic substances in Chinese toon, eat more bad to the body, is this kind of argument correct?01 Is Chinese toon really harmful to the body?The debate over whether cilantro is bad for you stems from the fact that it contains nitrite, a carcinogen, which is a complex biochemical reaction that plants need nitrogen fertilizer to grow.Relevant experimental studies have made a detailed comparison and detection of nitrite components contained in Toona sinensis and found the following situations.According to relevant experimental studies, the content of nitrite in fresh Chinese toon leaves is 7.5mg/kg. After blanching, the content of nitrite in Chinese toon leaves will be reduced to 3.0mg/kg. However, if Chinese toon leaves are salted, the content of nitrite will be increased several times.After two hours of salt curing, the nitrite content in toon leaves was 40mg/kg.To sum up, although the dose of nitrite poisoning caused by 0.3 ~ 0.5 grams, if intake of 3 g will cause the body appear the situation of death, but according to the above experimental results show that in daily life at least eat a jins of pickled cedar will cause poisoning case, 10 jins will cause the body appear the situation of death.But basically won’t appear this kind of circumstance, because in normal circumstances will not be a single collective income so much parsley, moreover before eating blanch can effectively reduce the nitrite content in the cedar, under the condition of normal consumption of cedar will not lead to cancer, but the cedar intake in their daily lives, or to pay attention to the intake of cedar.How to eat Chinese toon leaves healthily?(1) Pay attention to the pickling time of Chinese toon buds in daily life, people prefer to eat Chinese toon buds, and also prefer to salt the leaves and eat them again after two or three days, but this is a very harmful habit to life and health.It is well known that nitrite occurs more or less in tobacco and other foods. According to relevant studies, nitrite in food will peak after three or four days of curing, and the content is much higher than the intake and allowable standard of cocoa.Suggest that we must to cedar pickled before, first of all have to be preserved to stir-fry before, this method can effectively reduce the nitrate content in sweet ChunYa inside, this approach can significantly reduce the risk of pickled cedar, but suggest that we must wait until a week later when pickled for edible, nitrite content will be reduced at this moment,And also suitable for the body intake is within the safe range, there is no need to worry about the negative effects on the body.(2) to choose the most fresh incense ChunYa ChunYa is more common in people life of a vegetable, some will buy in the market, and some will be planted at home, after corresponding experimental study found in mid-april, incense ChunYa there will be a rising trend of nitrate content, nitrite content is still low, so also represents eating fresh sweet ChunYa,Nitrite poisoning does not occur.Some families will sweet after picking sweet ChunYa ChunYa for room temperature storage, in this case, a large amount of nitrate can be translated into the human body harmful damage and hidden trouble of nitrite, therefore recommend eating fresh, freshly picked from the tree of incense ChunYa buying from the market ChunYa, because has experienced the process of transportation storage,The nitrite content in Chinese toon bud will rise greatly, if Chinese toon bud leaves touch the problem is that it will produce a large number of nitrite, has great harm to the body.(3) sweet tender ChunYa texture will be selected according to the related research found cedar in each region has its own growth rule, and in the countryside of nitrate and nitrite content will there is a bigger difference, according to the related research found that legend has it at the beginning of the germination stage, the nitrate content is low, and with the growing of sweet ChunYa,The content of nitrate is also on the rise.In mid-april, after the nitrate content in most of the sweet ChunYa will more than the world health organization (who) and the standard of the United Nations food and agriculture organization (fao), the less of nitrate content in sweet ChunYa, the future of the nitrite content in the store is less, so you must eat the most tender sweet ChunYa texture, only in this way can effectively maintain the health of the body.Choose the method of steam cooked (4) the removal of nitrate and nitrite if we found in our daily life sweet ChunYa has not enough fresh, but the aroma is still there, lost unfortunately, in this case might as well to blanch in hot water, blanch in boiling water scald a minute or so, can effectively remove more than two-thirds of nitrite and nitrate in sweet ChunYa,It also helps keep the green color of the toon.So suggest how do in daily life whether make cedar cold dishes or impurities, might as well eat all blanch in hot water first, because this method can effectively improve the security of cedar, cedar aroma components from the increased blood in the body, the composition of oil is not xiao, after intestinal pain not to improve the food flavor.(5) For people who like to eat Chinese toon, Chinese toon is a seasonal vegetable. When they want to eat Chinese toon at any time in daily life, they like to freeze it in the refrigerator and defreeze it when they eat it in the back of the car. However, it is suggested that before quick-freezing Chinese toon, they must blanch it and then freeze it.According to relevant experimental data, the safety of Chinese toon can be greatly improved and the vitamin C in Chinese toon can be better preserved after blanching for 50 seconds.
Conclusion: do you like to eat Chinese toon in daily life?What do you think about that?Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.Guide to Summer Regimen