Dream technology grand event!Suzhou Golden Dragon G-BOS intelligent escort Beijing Winter Olympics

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The Chinese short track speed skating team won two gold MEDALS, one silver and one bronze MEDALS at the Women’s 1500m final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Feb 16.Compared with the focus on the athletes in the field of passion, few people know that athletes at the foot of the ice actually created a “first” in the history of the Winter Olympics.According to Yu Hong, director of the technology department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, the ice surface of the National Speed Skating Hall is the first in the history of the Winter Olympics to be made with carbon dioxide transcritical ice-making technology, providing a guarantee for athletes to create faster results.”Tech Winter Olympics” is not just a slogan. It has been around since the opening ceremony.Poetic countdown design, crystal clear “ice and snow five rings”, romantic and beautiful snowflake torch platform, dazzling digital light and shadow, creative environmental lighting, magnificent audio-visual feast.This is an extraordinary scientific and technological feast for the Olympic Games. Taking the opportunity of preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, a large number of new technologies and achievements have been continuously injected into the event to enhance China’s scientific and technological manufacturing.Using 5G big data and the g-BOS intelligent operation system that has been continuously innovated and iterated for 12 years, Suzhou Jinlong Haig Bus responds to the service concept of “Green Winter Olympics science and technology, Winter Olympics wisdom”, with hydrogen energy, pure electric +G-BOS powerful intelligent operation system, delivering outstanding guarantee scheme in this Grand Event of Winter Olympics.To achieve green transportation, smart operation, smart escort, and win the attention of the world.On the night of the opening ceremony, as the main force of transportation service guarantee in Beijing, Haig pure electric and hydrogen fuel buses cooperated with the transportation guarantee of the Winter Olympics, and jointly completed the transport of thousands of media and athletes with high safety and high-quality escort, and completed the evacuation of all personnel within 45 minutes, showing strong strength.Organizing the Winter Olympic Games is a complex and systematic project. From bidding, preparation, testing to the final event, strong service guarantee is indispensable at every stage.With the expectation of 1.4 billion people and the eyes of 6 billion people, the Beijing Winter Olympics will require more and more sophisticated services.In order to jointly present a wonderful and extraordinary Winter Olympic Games, Haig Bus will light up the light of the Winter Olympic Games with a high standard of competition service.On the service model, hagrid mass service bus implementation of hydrogen energy + pure electric passenger cars, models such as traveler, haiyue higher-end models is given priority to, including 11 meters, 12 meters length of different segments, the integration of advanced intelligent vehicle technology, high-end comfortable on the seat, to fully demonstrate the Chinese manufacturing innovation, greatly promote the games events traffic service experience.Starting from the highest standards of service requirements, Haig Bus has developed the Service Guarantee Scheme for Participating Vehicles of Beijing Winter (Paralympic) Olympic Games in advance, making comprehensive arrangements in terms of personnel organization, vehicle maintenance and inspection, spare parts planning, vehicle monitoring and service support, and on-site service guarantee.In order to meet the vehicle service during the event, Haig Bus selected a number of technical and experienced service engineers from all over the country to be stationed in the Capital Closed-loop, and a number of special service stations and parts outlets to provide service guarantee work in the closed-loop.At the same time, the service staff in the area also prepared masks, disinfection gel and other epidemic prevention materials, and received training on epidemic prevention points to ensure both health and service.As most of the event service vehicles were newly delivered at the end of last year, In terms of vehicle monitoring and vehicle maintenance inspection, Suzhou Golden Long also conducted DPI inspection for new cars in a timely manner, and cooperated with customers participating in event support to conduct long-distance test run of vehicles, monitor and analyze vehicle data and eliminate potential faults.At the same time, through the accessories channel, Suzhou Golden Dragon also completed the reserve of key parts and commonly used parts inside and outside the closed loop, and made all preparations before the competition.Due to the epidemic prevention and control, this year’s Winter Olympics will be managed in a closed loop. From January 4 to March 16, 2022, all service vehicles will only be allowed to operate in the closed loop venues, and 24-hour service will be provided in all three competition areas.In this case, it is very important to realize the informatization and intelligent application of transportation guarantee for the Winter Olympics.As a key part of the vehicle network connection, HAIg G-BOS intelligent operation system provides a strong support for the transportation security work of the Winter Olympics.As a pioneer of intelligent buses in China, Haig Bus invested in the research and development of intelligent vehicle operation management system as early as 2008, and launched the first generation of G-BOS intelligent operation management system in 2010, thus kicking off the prelude of The Internet of buses and vehicles in China and creating a new era for the development of intelligent vehicle network and intelligent transportation.Now haig G-BOS intelligent operation system has gone through many generations of change, and to the newer generation of upgrade.In addition to meeting the six core supports of vehicle positioning, energy consumption analysis, driving behavior, safety reporting, fault warning and maintenance plan, the new system is more focused on users and has stronger performance and computing power.At the same time, the system strengthens the functions of remote vehicle diagnosis and full data recheck, and realizes the linkage service scheduling system, which brings great help to the remote areas and overseas vehicles that can not be timely door-to-door, and helps to realize the remote guidance to customers and timely and efficient disposal of faults.These features of The Hag G-BOS will add power to the transportation security of the Winter Olympics.For example, in the case of vehicle fault warning and disposal tracking, G-BOS can predict in advance and respond quickly.As the intelligent grasp of the service, G-BOS intelligent operation system can not only collect the key data characteristics of vehicle driving and core parts, but also monitor and analyze abnormal data 24 hours a day in real time, give early warning of vehicle safety and failure, and send it to the resident service personnel in real time.At the same time, the system can also carry out remote fault diagnosis of the vehicle, vehicle status data, etc., which is convenient for timely and fast troubleshooting hidden trouble, to ensure the safety of the vehicle, zero fault operation.In this regard, G-BOS intelligent operation system monitoring manager Zhong Zhiwei said that “timely, safe, zero failure” is the key point of the Winter Olympics service.Due to the closed-loop management of events and the continuous holding of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, the service duration is more than 70 days, and the material preparation needs to be very rich, and the vehicle service needs to be timely and fast, which are all challenges to the service guarantee.The INTELLIGENT operation system of HAIg G-BOS can play a greater role in safety early warning, fault early warning, remote diagnosis and data recovery. It can predict and perceive in advance, so as to realize service in advance, preparation in advance and spare parts supply in advance, so as to realize fast service response.At present, g-BOS system has been standard for all products of Haig, including all vehicles serving the Winter Olympics.As is known to all, a grand event without careful rigorous security, from the field to escort vehicle traffic, its staff from the front to the logistics vehicles service personnel, all of them has become a key event each link cohesion to stand, and they are embedded in the “corner”, as a miniature bearing, supporting the normal operation of the whole event.On the stage of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, a fleet of Haig buses and service personnel behind them will be indelible devotees of the Games.As the Winter Olympics continue, let’s enjoy the beauty of humanity, sports and technology brought by the Winter Olympics!(This article is provided by the enterprise)