How to deal with the index fall, when the opportunity to copy bottom?

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Ukraine prepared to fight with Russia, big A shares followed the crash, do not know that the fight is us.Of course my trading system no matter these what at sideshow reason, fell namely fell, break a position to be about to stop loss, when the structure turns good add cang again dry finished.I have clew all the time does not stop to drop signal to give out tardily, our storehouse should be controlled within 5 into storehouse, the friend that whole storehouse passes in and out estimates already ha ha, can pack dead only.Be occupied this afternoon no disk, shares of friend reminded me that I have already closed, so, today I don’t have any operation, the first said, “rabbi fell below 9.7 yuan, strictly carry out operation discipline, tomorrow will be initially add near 10.8 yuan to lose twenty percent of the storehouse, risk aversion, 3000 shares to continue bottom storehouse, date line to stop.Today, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 2.58%, the Shenzhen Component Index fell 2.83%, and the Gem index fell 2.67%. Is there a real sense of stock market disaster?All day up only 268 stocks, up 32, down 4337 stocks, down 81, flat 12, no problem of suspected stock market crash.Tuyere plate tourism comprehensive.Northbound funds flowed out $150 million today.First look at the market daily trend structure:From 2019 in 2440 to now, the Shanghai index structure, walked out of A, B two centers of the central structure of the second paragraph B, today index fell below 3448 points, the second period of the structure under the complete, the next step is wait patiently for A rebound in the central section of the, of course, this is one of the best situation, may also continue to maintain the central oscillation,Rebound a period of time is bound to appear, depending on when the rebound.Let’s look at the 30-minute trend structure: this is the Shanghai Composite Index from 3723 points to build the B center structure, the first section and the first section are three sections of the structure, the second section under the current has been five sections, there is still no stop the fall signal, only to wait patiently.This is the structure of 30 minutes trend below the 2nd paragraph, drop one to sell, 2 to sell, 3 to sell appeared, but did not stop to drop signal, it is empty storehouse to wait on index operation, hold storehouse on a stock or empty storehouse, or maintain light storehouse (the stock that is particularly optimistic also wants to maintain 5 into less than).The 30-minute trend structure of the Medical and American plate: from 1280 points down since the formation of a two-stage central structure of the fall, there is no stop signal, there is no strength of the back, operation continue to wait.Golden hair rabbi 30-minute trend structure: from 13.55 yuan fell, 9.7 yuan rebounded a break through 11.52 yuan position, in line with the conditions to open B positions, today’s stock price fell below 9.7 yuan stop loss level, first of all, structure, the construction of a B center, trend is the continuation of the decline structure.In operation, the strict implementation of the operation discipline, in 9.7 yuan fell below the stop loss left, into the wait-and-see state again.Change stocks?No, but also to maintain close attention, waiting for another stop signal and open position, continue to operate.Today’s sudden drop estimates that many friends are falling meng, finally to share with you my operation and current positions.Half an hour early today I took one look at the disk is no attention, usually have time to look at when I was in early trading, have no time, don’t stare footwall after after the close of each day, I don’t have the habit of stare, so today’s fall I don’t have immediate attention to the rabbi who also have no in time to see, no operation today, but it’s not that I don’t follow operation discipline,Tomorrow morning, I’ll take the opportunity to cut the 20% position I added at $10.80.Analysis is analysis, operation is operation, the two should not be confused, which is an important reason why many friends can not control their emotions.My current operation level is daily level, the position is 30% of the bottom position, stop loss is 8.42 yuan.20% of the positions were added at the 30 minute level when the opportunity to open B positions will be executed tomorrow.Stop loss is we do not want to see, but in the stock market mix, stop loss is a very normal thing, like life to three meals a day, not because this time stop loss, we think that the stock is not good or wrong method, this is a misunderstanding.The purpose of stop loss is to avoid risk and ensure the safety of the principal. Only if the principal is still in the market, can we recover the capital and make profits in the future.There is a saying that “failure is the mother of success”, in the stock market stop loss is the mother of profit, can not bear the bottom price stop loss, can not enjoy the profit of the rising market.