I am on duty for the Spring Festival! Dong ‘an: The Spring Festival of the CDC is firmly adhered to

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Rednet Moment February 5 – (Correspondent Liao Xiang) During the Spring Festival, the flow of people increased, “imported” is the focus of epidemic prevention and control work.During the Spring Festival, the Dong ‘an County CDC, as the main front for epidemic prevention and control, stuck to the post of epidemic prevention and control and protected the people’s health line with practical actions.”We first verify the list of people who need to be sampled at the isolation point, and then paste the relevant information on the sampling tube to facilitate accurate and rapid sampling.”On the third day of the New Year, Long GUI ‘e, the leader of the fourth emergency team of the Dong ‘an County CDC, was busy verifying the information list of people who need to be sampled at the medical centralized isolation point with her team members after lunch.”Protective suits, protective masks, N95 masks, disposable hats, disposable gloves, disinfecting alcohol…”After preparing the protective equipment for sampling, Long guie and the fourth emergency response team immediately went to the two centralized medical isolation points to take nucleic acid samples of those quarantined.After four hours of sampling, the fourth emergency response team of The Dong ‘an County CDC completed nucleic acid sampling of 73 people in two centralized medical isolation sites, and conducted double sampling and double testing on 4 people who were about to be released from quarantine.”Our CDC lab staff immediately tested the samples, and when the results were negative, the four quarantined people were able to return home to their families.”Dongan County CDC fourth emergency team captain Long Guie said.During the Spring Festival, the Dong ‘an County CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention formed six standing emergency teams, strictly implemented the 24-hour emergency guard system, and every day the county prevention and control office tweeted the investigation information,Epidemiological investigation, sampling, environmental disinfection and health education will be carried out by personnel returning from middle and high risk areas to east China, returning from China to east China, close contact, sub-close contact and on-site emergency response.They are always on standby for emergency response, and do not relax epidemic prevention and control measures to ensure immediate response, rapid and efficient response.The Spring Festival is a time for family reunions. However, at this special moment, the emergency guard staff of the Dong ‘an County CDC stick to their posts and do their duty to ensure the normal operation of all work during the Spring Festival, so that the people have a safe and happy Spring Festival.”As an emergency response team leader, my team members and I sacrificed precious time to reunite with our families and stick to the front line of epidemic prevention and control. With our meager efforts and professional knowledge, we are fulfilling the responsibilities and mission of disease control personnel and protecting people’s lives and safety.”Dong ‘an County CDC deputy director, the fourth emergency team leader Long Guie said.