Should parents keep lucky money for their children?How you handle it can make all the difference in your child’s life

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Last night sister and little niece because of the New Year’s money quarrel, on the first day of the New Year, little niece’s grandparents gave little niece a red envelope of 500 dollars, as a new era mother, sister did not take away the little niece’s New Year’s money, she let the little niece save the money to pay tuition fees.Yesterday, didn’t thought little niece, go out and play with my classmates about the crispy noodles outside more than three hundred bought a barbie doll, home has a lot of barbie dolls, sister looked at the little niece bought a barbie doll is very angry, shout at her little niece: “I shouldn’t let you get the money, you spend money, you give me the rest of the money you are”.The little niece was wronged by her sister’s scolding. She didn’t want to take out her lucky money. She cried and retorted, “This is my money, I won’t give it to you, you bad man.”As for the New Year’s money, whether it is kept by parents or collected by parents, it has always been a headache. Different ways of dealing with it will determine the different life of children.When I was a child New Year’s money is taken away by my parents, the name is to save my tuition fees, many people are estimated to be like me, New Year’s money was taken away by parents for a variety of reasons, REMEMBER there was a joke online:Find a lawyer to Sue parents to return the New Year’s money, although it is a joke, but it also illustrates one thing, in fact, most children when the New Year’s money is kept by their parents.New Year’s money is collected by parents to a certain extent is correct, children are still young, do not form the correct concept of consumption, they do not know how to consume, holding New Year’s money may be disorderly spending, but parents take away children’s New Year’s money is easy to lead to parent-child tension, causing children’s dissatisfaction with their parents.In the eyes of children, New Year’s money is their own, parents take away New Year’s money for a variety of reasons, tell children: when you grow up, New Year’s money will give you, when the child is about the same age, and become: New Year’s money to pay tuition fees for you, buy clothes.This is easy for children to lack of trust in their parents, is not good for children.Parents laissez-faire children’s New Year’s money is not right, let parents difficult and tricky New Year’s money, it seems that small things are a test of parents and children, parents must take children’s New Year’s money seriously, this is also the key to increase parent-child relationship, so for New Year’s money, parents should do?A, let children understand the meaning of New Year’s money New Year’s money is the blessing of elders to the younger generation, but also the traditional Chinese culture, parents should tell children, in fact, New Year’s money is fair, when others give children parents also want to give other people’s children to prepare New Year’s money, equivalent to “New Year’s money for New Year’s money”.Parents should let children understand that parents also have to pay, parents can discuss with their children, part of the parents, part of the child to deal with their own.If parents want to take away most of their children’s lucky money for safekeeping reasons, they can open a bank card for the child, take the child to the bank, and let the child watch the money put in, which can increase the trust between parents and children.Second, tell the child to make money is not easy to parents in daily life. It is not easy to tell a child to make money, through labor can gain money, have seen a treasure on zhihu mom share parenting experience: mother with children walk along the road, saw a few cleaner in cleaning leaves, child asked his mother: why are these grandma and grandpa to sweep the leaves on the road?It looks like a lot of work.Mother told her children: They have to pay to live ah, there will be harvest, in fact, parents work very hard, you think of the toy you bought last week, father had to work a day to afford this toy.After returning home, the mother let the child clean the house, the child cleaned the house alone, said it was very hard.Mother will ask him: that you feel cleaner grandpa grandma hard?You clean these today, if according to the standard of cleaning grandparents to pay, only a few dollars, you think you usually open mouth to hundreds of dollars of toys, you have to clean for one or two months before you can buy.Mother’s education children listen to, he knows that it is not easy to make money, after this time, he will not go to the supermarket any toys, also rarely ask parents to buy their own toys, nor like before, deliberately destroy the toys at home to ask parents to buy new.Parents should tell their children that it is not easy to make money. They should let their children consume correctly at ordinary times and form a correct view of money. When it comes to New Year’s money, their children will spend New Year’s money reasonably, not to consume excessively and buy randomly.Parents can teach children to save money from their childhood, for example, children can spend more pocket money, tell children can save money, if children have a special favorite things, parents can let children save money, tell children the truth that every little makes a pile, let children form the good habit of saving money.Little lucky money to the child the influence is very big, parents must treat money correctly, to cultivate the correct consumption view their children, let the child reasonable consumption, at the same time, parents also want your word, keep lucky money for your child to care for your child, don’t cheat the child, let the children of parents trust, so it helps to form a good parent-child relationship.