The 82 th college brought up good talents and 18 heroes

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The Raging Waves of the Qi River Zhu Sheng The Raging Waves of the Qi River Zhu Sheng The Raging Waves of the Qi River Zhu Sheng The Raging Waves of the Qi River Zhu Sheng The Raging Waves of the Qi River Zhu Sheng The Raging Waves of the Qi River Zhu Sheng The Raging Waves of the Qi River Zhu Sheng The Raging Waves of the Qi River Zhu Sheng The Raging Waves of the Qi River Zhu Sheng The Raging Waves of the Qi River Zhu Sheng The Raging Waves of the Qi River Zhu Sheng The Raging Waves of the Qi River Zhu Sheng the Raging Waves of the Qi River Zhu Sheng the Raging Waves of the Qi River Zhu Min the Red Furnace 18 People Fang Min (1920 — 1993)1938, introduced by the henan Provincial Party Committee, with his mother, second brother, sister and sister husband five people, transferred to Yan ‘an through the eighth Route Army office, to participate in the revolution.Fang min arrived in Yan ‘an on March 3 of that year. She first studied at Shanbei Public School and transferred to anti-japanese Military and Political University in June of the same year. In May 1938, she joined the Party.In the spring of 40 years, Fang Min went to the anti-japanese front in northwest Shanxi.Successively served as secretary of the political Department directly under the Political Department of division 120, general Branch secretary and acting commissar of division Security Battalion.In 1943, he was transferred back to Yan ‘an and took part in the Yan ‘an Rectification as a secretary of the Yan ‘an Joint Defense Political Department and Civil Transport Department.In the winter of 1944, he joined the southbound Detachment of the 359th Brigade in the southern expedition, and later was transferred to the Second Brigade, the fifth Division of the New Fourth Army as the political instructor of the Security Battalion.When the Central Plains broke out in June 1946, the Central Plains Military Area Command deployed jianghan, Eastern Hubei and Henan military areas respectively.Fang Min in the eastern Hubei military region of the only two brigades of more than 5,000 people, with the main force to break out, was ordered to stick to the spot, contain the enemy.At the beginning, the army operated in regiments and concentrated forces. Only three independent regiments contained eight regular enemy brigades and ten security regiments.The enemy boasted fourteen and a half brigades against one communist brigade.In late July, the troops dispersed and persisted in the Dabie Mountains struggle.At that time, the situation was very tense, the enemy blocked in front of chase, fighting was very frequent.Fang Min and her comrades did not enter the house for more than three months. They slept in the open, had a full meal and had no food. They climbed mountains and waded through water, and their clothes were wet and dry.In order to get rid of the enemy’s pursuit, when crossing the river, shoes into the sand, have no time to pour, everyone’s soles are grinded out – each fine hole, take a step, pain is boring heart.Arduous struggle, blood and fire of life and death test, exercise fang Min such revolutionaries.Lofty mountains, endless rolling;Mountains and barriers, deep valley connected to the long gorge.The trees are thick and the mist is wreathed;Thorns and wild animals are common.Sheep trail, jagged rocks endless;The grass is knee-deep, and no one is ever seen.Dabie Mountains for Fang Min and his comrades to provide cover, and let them suffer.During the three months of the struggle in the Dabie Mountains, the guard battalion was divided into two parts, the part where Fang Min stayed with Comrade Zhang Tixue and the other with brigade commander.The troops separated in order to better contain the enemy.Zhang Tixue took up a stick and marched and fought with his comrades. As long as he got rid of the enemy, even if it was a very short time, he also ordered his troops to rest on the spot.When the troops are resting on the spot, alert must be issued, front, rear, right and left. Sometimes, when an emergency occurs and the troops leave, it is too late for the guard to be withdrawn, some comrades who have taken up the post of guard and left the unit will fight on their own.In this way, the troops were gradually broken up into pieces. The enemy exclaimed that zhang’s Physical education brigade had been reduced to dozens of units in the Dabie Mountains.Fang Min belonged to a small unit consisting of 18 soldiers, including Zhang Tixue, Zhao Xinchu, the head of the organization department of the Prefecture-level Committee, Chen Zhongxiang, the political commissar of the brigade pistol Battalion, other regiment-battalion cadres, local cadres, guards and communicators.We march, we fight, we die together.Under such difficult conditions, Comrade Zhang Tixue was still very optimistic and full of confidence in the future of the revolution. He said to them: “The 18 of us are a camp school. We have learned in hard battles and grown into 18 red revolutionary seeds.When our army returns, we will take root and blossom into our liberation army, defeat Chiang Kai-shek and build a new China.”Faced with such harsh realities, some people became disillusioned with the future of the revolution, and some even betrayed it. Zhang’s guards rebelled.The guard knew our situation too well. The situation was critical. Zhang Tixue decided to go down the mountain immediately.In order to the head of the security, Fang Min zhang Tixue, Zhao Xinchu brought qichun and Guangji to the junction of the party election 塆, Li Mu bridge, cangxia 塆 area activities.It was not until our anti-espionage team got rid of the traitor that we eliminated our most dangerous enemy.Zhang Tixue sent his secretary Xia Cangwu to the delegation of the eighth Route Army in Meiyuan, Nanjing, to contact the commander and ask for instructions.The central government decided to let Zhang Tixue and Zhao Xinchu return to Yan ‘an.Zhang Tixue, Zhao Xinchu in the help of the underground party organization, respectively from Qichun, safety to Nanjing Meiyuan eighth Route Army office, under the arrangement of the head, they have successfully arrived in Yan ‘an.Qichun County Zhu Sheng 2022, 2, 4,