How bad a child procrastinates!You can brush your teeth for half an hour and eat a meal for a mental breakdown

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With the relaxation of the national two-child three-child policy, many families born after 80.90 have also slowly increased their family members. At any time, the little ones grow up slowly and grow up to be sensible, and the families that are a little cold are immediately lively.Brought a lot of laughter at the same time, but in some aspects also let a lot of parents headache, especially outstanding about the problem of children’s procrastination, is really let most parents often “roar more than”, let a person sigh with emotion.A friend’s family has a son and daughter, the eldest daughter is better, the younger son is often a headache, every day at home often sounded a few words is: “hurry up to eat”, “hurry up to write homework”, “hurry up to brush your teeth”!If he was unsupervised to write at dinner every day, he would be like a runaway horse.Playing with toys, watching TV and drawing on paper for a while, his mind was so off that he was easily attracted to other things, which led to his careless homework. When he wanted to write a simple word, he had to wait for several minutes at least. After writing, he had to play for a long time before he thought of continuing to write.So home often hear “write quickly” “DON’t watch TV” “if I don’t write I will beat you” but no matter how to say, how roar, how to hit are invalid, every day on time to repeat the same content, never late.When eating is also the same, slow, although chewing slowly is a good thing, but slow to a meal can chew more than 2~3 minutes that is not a good thing, food is basically every day from hot to cold, others have washed the bowl, he is still there slowly, see people want to beat a meal.Of course not, really!Not really!!Brushing your teeth is more wide of the mark, especially in the evening let go brush your teeth before going to sleep, is often called the most activity, after a few shouted finally in the bathroom, looked at him if you don’t pay attention to the brush, for a while they ran and disappeared, or play around the edge of the tap water, still can put the wet clothes from time to time, then you will find that he even after the most toothpaste have not packed well,And then a bunch of yelling came as promised!These are just some of the symptoms of childhood procrastination, and they don’t stop there.Most parents finally is lets the child with these “yell” constantly repeat and repeat every day, really sensible it grows up slowly, the symptoms will want to a lot less, but this way to develop the children’s character really big flaws, beat and scold the inferiority easily instilled into more, is bad for children to grow up.The following root of their own experience to tell a few points, mainly for the above several cases of relatively mild solutions, so that children can get better physical and mental growth and inspiration.Eating problems: tell him clearly, every day fixed meal time, outdated collect bowls and chopsticks, pack up all snacks, hungry crying also do not give him to eat, let him understand that they have done something wrong to pay the price, understand the consequences, to bear from themselves, want not to hungry, then eat at a fixed meal time.Of course, if you do well, you can also get a little reward, verbal praise, a little toy, etc.Write homework and brush your teeth problem: same as above, the homework is done, toothbrush clean reward, speak clearly put facts, for in the time to finish the consequences of their own bear, when the time to write the teacher criticized the consequences of their own responsibility.Don’t go to bed with a dirty toothbrush.Summary of a word is: let it understand that do not do not do when they have to bear the consequences of their own responsibility, do a good job to give its reward.Having said the above about children, now let’s talk about parents.After realizing that yelling and scolding and criticizing can’t solve the problem, you need to reflect on yourself.In another way of speaking, more to encourage praise and identification, such as “today is good oh, there is progress than yesterday, faster than yesterday, brush clean than yesterday… etc.”, wrong to let him understand where the wrong, timely point out.No matter anyone is difficult to refuse praise and recognition from others, by already and people, this way even if the final can not completely solve the child’s procrastination, but also will not damage the child’s self-esteem bad psychological disease, which is completely conducive to the healthy growth of children!Ok, about the problem of children’s procrastination, if you have a better way to welcome comments and progress together.