Omicron is defensible and controllable!Dr. Zhang Wenhong: The worst will be over

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Zhang Wenhong, director of huashan Hospital’s infection department, posted on his microblog on Tuesday: “The mystery of Omicron has come to an end, and humans have basically understood how to deal with it.The worst is over. China knows how to deal with this virus.Compared with the global anxiety and uncertainty that precedes the Chinese New Year, it seems that after a Chinese “New Year’s Eve”, the monster called Xi really seems to be quieter.Although there are sporadic or even small clusters of cases in many places in China, they soon calm down, which is generally called “social meeting zero”.I saw that as of 7pm on February 1st, the pre-sale box office of today’s first day has exceeded 1.4 billion yuan!That’s more than the Spring Festival in 2019, before the epidemic.At least from the popularity of the cinema, people’s psychology seems to have gradually come out of the fear of the epidemic, the prevention and control of various places has begun to slowly get rid of the one-size-fits-all, although there are still various restrictions on returning home for the Spring Festival, but it is not so far-fetched.Many doctors from other places around me also went home for the Spring Festival, but many stayed behind.At the same time, I began to travel around Shanghai, especially some cultural attractions around our hospital are very interesting and become a good place for holiday hiking.The former residence of Soong Ching Ling, Zhang Ailing, Ba Jin, wuyuan Road, Anfu Road and Yanqing Road, where the love Myth was shot, are all full of the history of this city, and they are not far from Huashan Hospital.Shanghai municipal leaders personally came to the Public Health Center to mobilize, because at that time, the imported epidemic pressure was particularly high, and the whole clinical treatment team was a little nervous.After The New Year’s Eve, the Spring Festival rounds become peaceful.During ward rounds on the first day of the first year, professor Li Feng and I paid New Year’s greetings to director Chen Jun’s team, Director Liu Ping’s team, director Li Tao’s team and the expert team of Fudan University’s Affiliated Pediatric Hospital.The patient’s condition is very stable.This feeling is unimaginable in the first and second year of the epidemic.At the very least, this says a few things: 1. As long as there is no massive medical run, even if there is no magic bullet, this disease is completely within our control.In the future, China will be able to achieve the anti-epidemic mode without medical outflow and with low fatality rate through epidemic control and research and development of innovative drugs.2. The Mystery of Omicron is over, and humanity has largely understood the characteristics of this strain and developed a response.But to say that omicron is a perfectly attenuated strain that doesn’t need a vaccine, I disagree.According to the UK Health Safety Agency (UKHSA), omicron has a case-fatality rate of 0.03% in people under 60 if not vaccinated, similar to seasonal flu;The case fatality rate of Omicron increased with age, from 2.65% for those aged 60-69 who were not vaccinated, to 8.87% for those aged 70-79 who were not vaccinated, and 21.54% for those aged 80 and older who were not vaccinated.With two doses of vaccine, the case fatality rate was reduced to 0.02%, 1.02%, 5.64% and 13.07%.With three doses of vaccine, the case fatality rate was reduced to 0.0086%, 0.09%, 0.42% and 2.61%.The reason why humanity is able to cope with Omicron today, and why some countries are preparing to end COVID-19 control, is that the hospitalization rate and death rate have been significantly reduced after vaccination.3. Even after vaccination, countries around the world differ in when they open up and when they end containment.This is mainly because after vaccination, even after three doses of vaccine have been administered, we still see a higher case fatality rate (as high as over 1.8%) among older patients.To avoid this, we also need specific drugs and hierarchical management of care, as well as special protection, whether with vaccines or drugs, for this vulnerable population at high risk.4. The Spring Festival I give old department experts in new, has 90 – year – old professor Wang Jiarui, a long-time prevention and control of epidemic hemorrhagic fever and make a significant contribution to the famous experts of infectious diseases in China, he ask me how about the outbreak, I loudly say to his ear, “the worst time to slowly in the past, the Chinese know how to deal with the virus, but not so hurry hurry,It may take us a little longer to get through this with a very low fatality rate, “he said.COVID-19 is a tough dish that requires slow and meticulous work. I think China knows how to celebrate New Year’s Eve.Find Tong Tong, always put the new peach in old character.We Chinese always want to have a busy year before we can have fun.The good news is that this year has been a little better than last year, and next year will be better.All of our efforts are aimed at protecting life from threats while leaving normal life less disturbed.The fight against COVID-19 in the future should be a process in which we constantly strive to regain normal life.How can the public enhance protection against Omicron?On February 1, Lin Hancheng, a second-level inspector of the Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission, said the omicron mutant strain has the characteristics of fast transmission, high viral load and strong transmission ability.But the general public need not panic, omicron epidemic can be controlled.Please do the following in your daily life and work: First, wearing masks is still an effective way to block the spread of the virus, and it is also applicable to the Omicron variant strain.Wearing a mask in indoor public places and on public transport is also necessary even after full vaccination and booster shots have been completed.Second, wash your hands frequently and do a good job of indoor ventilation.Wear masks and gloves and pay attention to hand hygiene, especially when contacting express packages at home and abroad.Third, do a good job in personal health monitoring.When you have suspected symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever, cough, sore throat, etc., wear a mask and seek medical advice immediately.Business daily you pick to wait for you
Three new cases were reported in Shenzhen, all in the same transmission chain
One confirmed case has been reported in Huizhou, which is a close link to the shenzhen case.These cross-city bus lines temporarily suspended, adjustment
The latest!From 24:00 on February 1, a negative nucleic acid test certificate must be obtained within 48 hours from shenzhen
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