2022 Humorous talk

2022-07-09 0 By

Men’s words are like old lady’s teeth, not much is true.Don’t ask me to marry you, I will say yes.3, you always feel tired of living, maybe in fact just sleep too late 4, age is never our constraint, no money is.Others have a background, I have a back shadow.Everyone is a prisoner, the phone number is a number.If you think you are tired like a dog all day, you are really misunderstood, dogs are not as tired as you.Beauty is a sin, snow can not bury.You always say your dream is out of reach, but you never go to bed early, and you don’t get up early.You can’t even control when you go to bed, and you want to control your life?You can’t even wash the dishes, and you want to make yourself feel alive?The problem with you is, you know everything, but you’re lazy.What can not forget the predecessor, is not satisfied with the current 12, fat how?What’s wrong with no money?So I’m going to look up and show you that I’m not only short and poor and ugly.Current social situation: friends of life and death all over the world, the same city can not find people about dinner.You give me a slap and then rub my face, you say I will forgive?I can’t believe I forgave you.Please care about the side of the foodie, she may not be careful on the dead.