23 million!As China’s women’s soccer team gets extra rewards, fans are starting to worry that “middlemen” are making the difference

2022-07-09 0 By

Win Vietnam over Japan, win Japan over Korea, and then win!China came from 2-0 down to score three goals in the second half before scoring a stunning winner in stoppage time to win the Asian Cup for the first time in 16 years last night.After the victory, many Chinese football fans called for an end to comparisons between the men’s and women’s teams.However, when it comes to Chinese football, men’s football is a topic that will never go away.After China’s 6-5 win over Japan in the semifinals, a large number of fans and media people compared China’s women’s football team with the men’s.Even more, a large number of people, including the famous commentator Huang Jianxiang, hope that the Chinese Football Association can give the women’s soccer team the 6 million yuan prize for winning matches saved by the men’s soccer team.For this proposal, though, the Chinese football Association has never given any reply.But fans and members of the media who support the proposal are not about to give up on the huge prize money for women’s football.China’s women’s football team made a super comeback to win the Asian Cup for the ninth time last night.After breaking down in tears, Huang Jianxiang took to his social media platform to “general” the Chinese Football Association again.In addition, the $6 million bonus was increased to $12 million.I hope the Chinese Football Association can double the bonus standard for the women’s football team.As we all know, the AfC has set up a huge prize of us $1 million for the champion team, which is 6.36 million yuan.After the Chinese women’s football team won the gold medal, Mengniu and Alipay also gave huge bonuses to the girls and the coaching team of the Chinese women’s football team.At present, mengniu 10 million yuan + Alipay 13 million yuan + AFC 6.36 million yuan, the Chinese women’s football team has received 29.36 million yuan in prize money.If, Huang Jianxiang teacher “general” football association success, football association out 12 million reward women’s football.Then, China women’s football team to win the Asian Cup will reap 41.36 million yuan of high bonus.Of course, the Chinese football Association will not be “checkered” by Mr Huang Jianxiang is not easy to say.Some fans even worry that the 23 million yuan awarded to The Chinese women’s football team by enterprises is being pocketed by middlemen.What pay treasure thinks in this respect is more thoughtful, made clear the use of bonus.10 million will be awarded to the players and 3 million to the coaching team of Shui Qingxia.To avoid middlemen making the difference, Mengniu might also want to keep a notice of the purpose of the prize money.So even though the Chinese Football Association won’t give 12 million yuan to the girls and coaches of the Chinese women’s soccer team.They can also reap at least 23 million yuan + 6.36 million yuan.