Just now, Hangzhou Xihu District adjustment of the “three areas” : the two areas for the control area

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On February 4, 2022, hangzhou lake the COVID – 2022 4 announcement 19 pandemic control command according to the relevant provisions of the national, provincial epidemic prevention and control, integrated nucleic acid testing and epidemiological findings related information and epidemic prevention and control of the actual situation of our by experts, now is our seal centralization, control, guard against the following adjustment:1. The area covered by the original Notice No. 1 in 2022: The closed control Area will be adjusted to No. 50, Daling Natural Village, Zhuantang Street;The control area is adjusted to other areas of Daling Natural Village, Zhuantang Street.In addition to the above areas, other areas in the original three areas have been adjusted to normal prevention and control areas.Ii. Areas involved in the original Notice No. 2 in 2022: The enclosed control area has been adjusted to Unit 1, Building 9, Jiahe Garden;The control area is adjusted to other areas of Jiahe Garden, 4 buildings of Zheshang Fortune Center and 6 stores (Nearby Zheshang Fortune Center, Lawson convenience store, Dyean Convenience supermarket, Kosamier Bakery, Lao Niangjiu Store, Lao Jie Noodle Restaurant, Muyi Coconut Hainan Coconut Chicken Store, Wantang Road);Prevention area adjustment for zhejiang business wealth center.In addition to the above areas, other areas in the original three areas have been adjusted to normal prevention and control areas.Iii. The containment area strictly implements the management measures of “closed isolation, staying indoors, door-to-door service”, and arranges staff to patrol and provide door-to-door service 24 hours a day.4. Personnel in the control area can only enter and not leave to ensure that personnel do not leave the area;People are strictly prohibited to gather, in principle, home isolation.5. Non-essential items shall be kept out of the prevention area. If people really need to leave the area for medical treatment or special business, they shall present a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours.Public places such as chess and card rooms, bars, KTV, mahjong rooms, table game rooms, natatorium, libraries, art galleries, museums, cinemas and theatres, gymnasiums, Internet cafes, scenic spots and religious places will be strictly restricted.In other public places, communities and transportation vehicles, measures such as temperature measurement, code scanning, wearing masks and disinfection shall be strictly implemented and the number of personnel shall be reasonably controlled.Restaurants and restaurants control the number of people according to 50% of the capacity, sit apart, encourage customers to take away consumption;Local enterprises and public institutions advocate online office.Those who do not obey the containment management shall be dealt with according to law, and those who are suspected of committing a crime shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.Hangzhou Xihu District COVID-19 Control Headquarters February 4, 2022 Source: Beautiful West Lake