Kunyu Mountain | cold, Kunyu Mountain is really pretty

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Ann/Yang/Kun/jade/mountain in the spring qiao also do not contend for spring, only to the spring to report although the cold spring Kunyu Mountain is really qiao at this time of day has been gentle and pleasant can be called beautiful moments, however,Spring has just arrived and the air is extremely clear. Everything you can see is clearly visible and pleasing to the eye, whether it is a little fragrant pig that has become an Internet celebrity or a black swan with its neck wrapped around it or a sika deer, not to mention the peacock that everyone loves.Spring day in Kunyu Mountain is not only a good day, but also a charming term. Every attempt has sketched out the original appearance of Kunyu Mountain. When the flowers are blooming,It stands in the smile why there, why not just take advantage of the good spring mountains a piece of design and color some corner reflection and pleasing to the eye mist floating gently only the light of the sun rising increasing the brilliance also increasingly impressive I bet he yushan high swing finish absolutely let you sit just regret regret should rise high a little bit high free raffle free sweepstakes for thanks to the broad masses of tourists to the scenic spotKunyu Mountain scenic spot also launched a special welfare, all visitors to the site on Saturday, Sunday and holidays can draw for free, each person has a chance to draw.Activity time: March 20th to May 31st first prize: Dongfeng Scenery MINI electric car second prize: old Elm arhat bed set third prize: Bird electric bike a fourth prize: little genius phone watch a fifth prize: small degree intelligent screen a sixth prize: Millet charging treasure a seventh prize:Scenic area entertainment facilities 10 yuan consumption voucher a Anyang Kunyu Mountain every lucky draw is a sample of happiness in the spring when the peach blossom plus will make your happiness index increased without reduction report/feedback