Seventy years rural housing changes in Baoding

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I was born in 1958. My hometown is baoding, Hebei Province. I have witnessed the changes of rural housing in the past decades.In the early 1960s, after three years of disasters and floods in my hometown, production and life got on the right track. The output of grain and cotton continued to rise, and so did the livelihood of farmers. But there were still adobe houses for some farmers to live in.Adobe houses into the 1970s, economic conditions improved greatly, farmers gradually built blue brick houses and red brick houses.The main difference between black brick and red brick firing process is in the last procedure —- Yin water (we call Yin kiln), Yin water and red brick, not Yin water and red brick.Our family built five blue brick rooms in March 1971, when I was in the second year of junior high school.Now the old house is still there, the Spring Festival specially took a few photos.In 1971, in order to save bricks and heat preservation, the old house was built in the outer brick, and the outer brick was divided into lying brick to the top and one lying bucket.In the old house, the door and window are supported by wooden beams, which is called “cross wood”. In order to save wood, arch structure is also built.Doorways, Windows, and waterspouts were decorated with brick carvings (I call them tiled).Arch window and tile tile at the gate of our old house gate brick engraved with “built in March 1973 (with the writer, which is” accounted for “) “1971 words containing saline soil at that time, in order to prevent salt corrosion, old house with a reed fluctuation two parts, and we call wall base, with lower temperature corrosion of the steel brick, top products pretty brick and adobe.In the 2000s, as the life of farmers improved, every family built reinforced concrete houses with concrete foundations, ring beams and cast-roofed houses, which were as good as urban buildings.My brother built a two-span five rooms two halls one kitchen one bathroom big house, gas boiler heating, aluminum alloy doors and Windows, ceramic tile ground, inside and outside decoration, spacious and bright.New house Living room dining room kitchen automatic temperature control ventilating heating gas boiler toilet front porch In the seventy years since the founding of new China, generations of people have made continuous efforts, national construction has developed day by day, people’s life has gradually improved, and the future will be even better.