Singapore to declare victory over the virus?On February 2, the increase was about 10,000 yuan, insisting on not tightening quarantine measures

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In the past two weeks, the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, France and other countries have announced plans to reopen or ease border restrictions, with others declaring victory.Netizen hot discussion this is typical cover one’s ears to deceive a bell, self-deception.And Singapore?The total number of confirmed cases in Singapore reached 11,745 in 13 days from New Year’s Eve to Yesterday, with more than 8,600 new cases per day on average. The number of new cases in A single day exceeded 10,000 for many days, with the peak reaching more than 13,000.The number of confirmed cases is surging, emergency rooms are overflowing, medical workers are being diagnosed, and experts are saying the epidemic has not yet peaked.The Ministry of Health has even announced that people who have been vaccinated can move freely regardless of whether they are negative or positive. These seemingly laissez-faire policies have left Singapore basically in a state of “lying flat”.Many netizens hotly debated, “Why hasn’t Singapore been locked down yet?!Singapore has experienced the ups and downs of the epidemic, and has experienced the worst for more than two years.Singapore has experienced both what it should and what it should not have experienced. The “life-saving straw” of COVID-19 vaccine has not met everyone’s expectations.The number of vaccinated people who are still infected continues to rise, and the number of vaccinated people who are still dying from COVID-19 complications is no longer news.In order to supplement the effectiveness of the vaccine in a timely manner, Singapore has carried out a comprehensive vaccination of additional doses, even as an important indicator of “complete vaccination” certification!Not only that, in July last year, a Vietnamese hostess led to the “closure of the city” news was also embarrassing.On July 12, Singapore unseal only one day escort female island spread “run poison” fire, more Singapore family “green”, industry fine rectification “yellow”, foreigners stay in Singapore policy has changed!A collapse of epidemic prevention triggered by pornography, like dominoes, had a chain effect, and Singapore had to shut down the city again!Peach doping epidemic, let a person coke big head, community epidemic is impossible to prevent.The epidemic has skyrocketed in communities, from KTV to vegetable markets, from HDB tiles to school dormitories, from gyms to food halls…Not only did the outbreak occur in multiple locations, but the infected population also reached the whole stage, ranging from people in their 90s to infants of only a few months old, and the cases of children were also more common.A paralysed mother in Singapore has been unable to leave her home for more than six months, but she is still infected.From New Year’s Eve to yesterday, the cumulative number of confirmed cases exceeded 110,000 in just 13 days, which has become a new normal.This shows the spread of the epidemic in the community, with the new coronavirus in the air.Click picture to know details of Singapore and epidemic prevention is not tight against loose, netizens: why not sealing city, however, in the face of the Singapore outbreak jumped, completely not past tense, instead of “lying flat” – in all epidemic prevention policies, the most reviled is as long as the dozen vaccine, self isolation 7 days after the latest measures can walk freely.On Jan 21, Singapore’s Health Minister Ong Yee Kang said that the self-quarantine period could be reduced to up to seven days for those who have completed the vaccination and children under 12 who show mild symptoms after being diagnosed with COVID-19.The maximum period of isolation for unvaccinated persons over 12 years of age after diagnosis is 14 days.In other words, people who have been vaccinated will be able to go out freely no later than seven days after contracting COVID-19, regardless of whether they test positive or not.Not long ago, a blogger was humiliated by a netizen, Diss, when she went out and took the subway even though she knew the self-test was positive seven days after her diagnosis.It is these policies and news that make healthy people afraid to go out for fear of catching the disease.In order to find out what you really think, Mastercard also organized a small poll. Welcome everyone to participate.Since the outbreak, Singapore has adopted a dynamic policy of opening up to the outside world. It is a matter of decision whether to tighten or loosen the policy. It may be closed within an hour or the next day.Based on Singapore’s previous experience of “sit-up” epidemic prevention, Know-it-all talked conservatively about three key reasons why Singapore has not closed down the city until the release of the document.First of all, Singapore is not under lockdown, so for now, the symptoms of the confirmed cases are mild.Among the new local cases in the past 28 days, 99.7% were asymptomatic or mild, 0.3% were/are severe with general oxygen, 0.04% were/are severe with ICU (oxygen observation + intubation), and 0.03% died.In addition, from The first confirmed case on January 23, 2020 to February 12, 2022, Singapore had a total of 460,075 confirmed cases, including 893 deaths. The case fatality rate was not affected by the surge in cases, but decreased from 0.197% the previous day to 0.194%.Broken down by strain, Singapore experienced the original wave, which entered the Delta wave last year and is now the Omikron wave.Omicron is more infectious, but generally less severe and deadly, and is even seen by some experts as a natural vaccine for novel Coronavirus that could end the epidemic entirely this year.Second, there has been a marked increase in vaccine coverage.As of 11 February, 92 per cent of the population had received at least one dose of vaccine and 90 per cent had completed their full vaccination.Among the eligible population (i.e., those aged 5 years and over), 93 per cent have completed the full course of vaccination, rising to 63 per cent who have received booster shots.With the vaccine, the authorities will be much calmer than they used to be when they had to rely on their own immunity.Singapore’s first oral drug to treat coronavirus arrived in Singapore last week, health Minister Ong Yee Kang said on Facebook. The drug can be used to treat adults with deteriorating or severe disease to reduce the risk of hospitalisation and death.Data showed that patients treated with Paxlovid within 3 days of symptom onset had an 88.9% lower risk of hospitalization or death compared with patients receiving placebo.If treated within 5 days, the risk of hospitalization or death was 87.8 per cent lower.Once used, it will further control the symptoms of COVID-19.Singapore has always lived with the virus and moved towards a new normal.For Singapore, sit-up epidemic prevention is like drinking poison to quench thirst.Blockading cities and countries is too costly for small countries.If we do not open up the economy, we will have to endure the threat of job cuts and salary cuts. Opening up the economy will also be accompanied by a backlash from the epidemic, and our health is not guaranteed. This makes the government dance on the edge of a knife, and every step is terrified, which also forces Singapore to firmly move towards the new normal.Singapore has also drawn up specific scenarios for coexisting with COVID-19 as it steers firmly towards the new normal.Now, in the face of the outbreak, Singapore has chosen not to shut down the city for the time being. Do you support this?Let us know in the comments