Warm all the way comfortable before the Tiger 8 Siberian version of the northeast listed

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On February 19, with the theme of “Warm road, Comfortable Forward”, the Siberian Version of The Swedish Tiger 8 was successfully held in changchun, the spring city of north China.Under the witness of many auto media giants in northeast China and the first batch of car owners, the Siberian version of Ruihu 8 positioned at the fashion family super-large space 5+2 seat SUV, with excellent product power and exclusive shuenjoy heating configuration made a wonderful appearance.The guide price of the new car is 98,800 yuan to 118,800 yuan, and the new car will offer multiple first-sale perks such as 10,000 yuan cash red envelope, 5,000 yuan financial or replacement subsidy and lifetime engine warranty.In the full swing of the Winter Olympics, The performance of Chinese athletes let people surprise.Under the precise promotion of large single product strategy, Chery auto’s flagship SUV Ruihu 8 series keeps expanding its lineup. The annual sales volume has exceeded 160,000 units, and it has become the sales champion of Medium-sized SUV and 7-seat SUV of Chinese brands in 2021.Tasting conference, chery automobile marketing company, general manager of the northeast regional speech Mr Scholar said, in the face of the changing global auto industry, chery with technological breakthroughs as the core competitiveness, is committed to become a globally competitive world-class auto enterprise, help the development of Chinese brand upward, chery will always take the customer experience as the core, to provide users with a better life.As China’s economy enters a stage of high-quality development, the domestic consumer ecology is being reshaped and the consumer market is ushering in a new era of comprehensive innovation.If a brand wants to win consumers, it needs to have a deep understanding of the market, insight into consumer needs, and continuous improvement of product strength to better meet the constantly upgraded needs of current consumers. Only a brand that understands consumers more and more can achieve long-term development.In the past four years, Ruihu 8 family has successfully exported to more than 20 countries and gained the love and trust of more than 480,000 car owners around the world, thus achieving the label image of “China’s double crown, global love”.The excellent power performance, reliable car quality, intelligent technology and warm service of The Tiger 8 series are the constant commitment of Chery automobile to users.Tiggo or dingle 8 edition continues tiggo or dingle Siberia 8 excellent family genes, deep insight into the upgrade of high latitudes users for winter travel demands, puts forward the comfortable enjoy heating solution, a new steering wheel heating, heating in the front seat, front windshield heating (including nozzle heating) and outside rearview mirror heating warm heart configuration, for the user in the cold winter travel bring warm and comfortable driving experience.With c-NCAP five-star safety design, T1X platform ultra-high strength steel integrated body, four-guard airbags, four-door one-button lifting + anti-clamp, automatic headlights and other cross-level configurations, the Swedish tiger 8 west Berea edition brings the family a full sense of security;4700x1860x1746mm super large body, 2710mm super long wheelbase, super large 1930L trunk space, bringing unparalleled spacious space;With the support of the giant screen level intelligent anti-clip panoramic skylight, the cockpit is more transparent, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery all the way.The all-inclusive ergonomic luxury leather seat is as comfortable as if it was made for you. The 10.25-inch super clear touch capacitive central control screen and 34 decibels super quiet and comfortable space make you feel comfortable even if you drive long distances.Five owners of the first Batch of Siberian Tiger 8 are delighted to join the Chery family. Only by exceeding customers’ expectations can we win customers’ reputation.In chery’s values, users are part of the enterprise, and every upgrade and innovation of Chery’s products are based on user needs.Chery always aims at higher goals and better products to provide better choices for users.As a new force, of the family of tiggo or dingle edition is chery tiggo or dingle 8 Siberia after understanding the market demand of strategic decisions, and centralized superior resources makes the market segment the upgrade products, with warm driving experience inspire the young generation with love to explore the wonderful world, enjoy the winter “, “the tour, could unlock more life.Competition is the eternal melody of market economy, harmony can only be the harmony of the strong.As Chery continues to grow, it has entered the “fast track” of vertical growth, quickly becoming the leader of China’s own brands.Looking forward to the fierce competition in the SUV track, with the superclass core strength of the Siberian Tiger 8 edition can let the majority of consumers can enjoy the surprise and beauty of technological innovation, create brilliant market performance!