Milk scab, red buttock, mantis mouth, die, newborn these “small trouble”, how many do you know?

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When just became a new mother, everything seemed at a loss when taking care of the baby: I remember that a few days after taking the baby home, my face and head suddenly grew a lot of scabs, not to mention how ugly and diaphragm, thinking about how to pick it off every day;Once more busy baby pulled baba did not see, the result did not have a fart fart red…….The newborn becomes an independent individual after birth and faces a completely different living environment from that in the womb.Each physiological organ of newborn must adapt to the new environment immediately and develop the basic survival ability to adapt to various environmental changes rapidly.Almost all newborns at the beginning of the time, the organs and psychological will appear not to adapt, so there will be a variety of abnormal “phenomenon”, such as scab on the face, red fart, die, etc..So do you know where the phenomenon of newborn babies comes from?Does it matter?Here’s what you need to know.When a newborn is born, there is a thin layer of oil on the surface of the skin, a substance secreted by skin and epithelial cells. These secretions and the gray layer in the air accumulate to form a milk scab.For milk scab, many parents feel “not pleasing to the eye”, want to start to pull out of the shaft, so to do exactly the end of the shaft is not the shaft?Milk scab is a normal phenomenon, without too much processing in general, milk scab will not affect the baby’s health, in the newborn baby, head, face long milk scab is a very common phenomenon.Baby not because of long long milk scab not comfortable, parents do not worry too much, such as a period of time will fall off.Have “clean” mother, can use the following method gentle removal of milk scab if parents really can not look past, want to remove the head of the baby milk scab, might as well you can try this method: with glycerol coated in milk scab immersion, until the milk scab becomes soft, with soft towel, gently can fall off.Never pick it directly with your hands, nor do you rush to clean it all at once. You can get a little bit of it every day and deal with it slowly.Did newborn milk scab take out how to grow to return a responsibility again?Baby metabolism is fast, parents do not wash frequently, resulting in milk scab removed and long;The baby has infant eczema, hygiene care is not in place;Small baby skin is thinner, corneous layer is thin, secrete grease to cause more.Newborn red buttocks newborn red buttocks is also known as the phenomenon of baby’s buttocks turning red, commonly known as “red buttocks”, is a common skin problem in infants.Red butts in newborns are mostly caused by parents who are “too lazy” or “too careless.” It can happen all year round, and it can happen all the way up to the age of one, or even two.Once the baby has a red buttock, parents do not be careless, must be timely processing.Newborn red buttock is mostly due to long-term diaper damp, airtight, diaper replacement is not timely caused, because the newborn skin is very delicate, so it is easy to be stimulated to become flushing, or even a rash.Your baby has a red butt, which may start out as a redness in the center of the butt, then spread to form a rash, which eventually breaks and rots.So once the baby appears red butt, must be dealt with in time, so as not to become more and more serious.How to protect baby’s red butt?1. Change diapers frequently, especially immediately after poop;2. Choose soft and non-irritating diapers with good air permeability, strong water absorption, good quality;3. After the baby pulls smelly smelly, be sure to wash the small butt with clean water and dry it with a dry soft towel.Conditions allow the baby’s small butt in the air to dry for a while and then wear diapers, try to keep the skin dry;4. Baby has red butt, remember to apply a little butt cream, not too much, and then gently pat to help skin absorption.Newborn “mantis mouth” and “mater” for newborn “mantis mouth” and “mater” parents may be relatively strange, first for “mantis mouth”, some babies look more obvious, some look not obvious.This is due to the immature development of the salivary gland during the neonatal period, which is a relatively normal phenomenon.”Die tooth” also belongs to the baby more normal physiological phenomenon, folk called “horse tooth”.How did “mantis mouth” and “mater” come from?Let’s go into more details.”Mantis mouth” — normal male physiology phenomenon male has thick fat layer on both sides of the cheek of newborn mouth, will make the cheek bulge, commonly known as “mantis mouth”, also known as “Suckling pad”.Some parents will be in the newborn refused to eat milk, to pick cut its “sucking pad”, this approach is very wrong, mild will cause stomatitis, serious or even develop into other more serious symptoms.Mantis mouth will not affect the appetite of newborn milk, it is a normal physiological phenomenon, with the end of sucking period, the baby’s “mantis mouth” will slowly disappear, parents do not need special treatment.”Die tooth” — normal physiological phenomenon of the newborn, there are some pale white particles on the gum, commonly known as “die tooth” or “horse tooth”.This is a physiological phenomenon of normal male, and does not require special male to deal with male.Molars do not interfere with newborn sucking and will not affect baby teething when they grow up.Parents must not pick, thorn, so as not to cause infection.As your baby gets older, the die will disappear naturally, and parents don’t need to deal with it.CiCi mother’s message: pay attention to @Cici Mother said parenting, focus on parenting knowledge and experience sharing.If you like this article, please like CiCi’s mom and share it with more people!Have any parenting question, can pay attention to and private letter to me, see will reply.For more highlights, follow CiCi’s mom on Parenting