Got hypertension, what symptom can you appear?

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With the development of economic life, people’s living standards are getting better and better, but they do not pay attention to physical exercise and diet, followed by a variety of diseases.Today, we will mainly talk about the symptoms of hypertension, and usually should pay attention to what life habits, we look together.First, the symptoms of hypertension appear in the psychological, in life, after suffering from hypertension, many patients are very irritable, sometimes very sensitive, easy to excited.Generally speaking, the psychological symptoms of hypertension are common in palpitation, insomnia, insomnia sleep difficulty or premature, unstable sleep, nightmare easy to wake up, the symptoms of hypertension and cerebral cortex dysfunction and plant nerve dysfunction.Second, of the symptoms of high blood pressure, memory loss, this kind of the symptoms of high blood pressure in the initial stage is not obvious, but with the development of the disease, the symptoms of hypertension in general is very serious, the symptoms of high blood pressure, main show is easy to disperse attention, in recent memory, recent things are hard to remember the past things like childhood.Third, headache is one of the symptoms of hypertension, in life, many hypertensive patients have headaches, the common symptoms of hypertension are mostly persistent dull pain, pulsatile pain, even crack pain, hypertension occurs when you wake up in the morning, get up and gradually reduce after meals.So how much do you know about ways to prevent hypertension?(1) Weight loss: weight is directly related to blood pressure, and the incidence of hypertension in obese people is more than 3 times higher than that in normal people.Prevention and treatment of hypertension should first reduce weight, must increase the amount of exercise on the basis of the adjustment of diet structure.(2) Control diet: advocate eating foods rich in dietary fiber and low-calorie foods such as coarse grains, such as carrots, celery, pears, etc.;Avoid high-calorie foods such as ice cream, hamburgers and chocolate.(3) adjust the diet: eating more animal and plant protein such as eggs, lean meat, fish, bean products can guarantee the children’s growth and development of amino acid, fat restriction, especially to eat less animal fat containing saturated fatty acids, such as fat, cream cake, hamburger, Fried chicken, etc., appropriate use of vegetable oils containing unsaturated fatty acids.(4) High calcium and potassium, low sodium salt: sodium salt intake increased by 2 times, the incidence of hypertension also increased by 2 times, try to eat pickles, fermented bean curd, salted meat and other pickled products;Daily supplementation of enough calcium can prevent hypertension, milk, walnuts, shrimp peel are rich in calcium;Potassium can resist the tendency of hypertension caused by high sodium food, so eat more foods rich in potassium, such as bananas, oranges, laver, black fungus and so on.Above these are we sorted out for you about the symptoms of hypertension, I hope these can help more friends in need, but also remind you must according to the content of a reasonable planning of their own life.