Make and issue supervision orders to wake up negligent guardians

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“Supervision and Guardianship Order” 2022.2.7 “Through social investigation, we found that you, as the guardian of the child, lack of communication and discipline, which leads To his making bad friends and eventually To the road of illegal crime….We hereby issue a supervision and supervision order to you, asking you to fulfill your guardianship duties and upbringing obligations in accordance with the law, and strengthen supervision of minors!”Working for the overall protection of minors and the “problem parents” changan procuratorial begin supervision, xian changan district people’s procuratorate four guardians of minors fulfill their duties of guardianship does not reach the designated position, in accordance with the law and distributing urged guardianship and publicly declared, supervise and urge, education and comprehensive guide “problem parents” guardianship of minor children legal duties.This is the first supervision and guardianship order issued by the Chang ‘an District Procuratorate since the implementation of the Law on the Protection of Minors and the Law on the Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency.At the ceremony, prosecutors delivered a supervision and guardianship order to the minors’ guardians and conducted targeted parental education for them.”Urged the order” clearly pointed out that: 1 the guardian in the problems that exist in the daily monitoring 2 how to correctly fulfill their duties of guardianship responsibility in relevant laws and regulations, and 4 are required to bear the consequences on the one hand, breach urged guardian fully, completes the attached conditions not to prosecute the test period of supervision and inspection, timely report about the behavior of minors involved.On the other hand, it urges guardians to reflect on the problems existing in education and guides minors to treat life with a positive attitude.After receiving the Supervision and Guardianship Order, the guardian must earnestly perform the guardianship duty. If the guardian violates the relevant provisions of the Supervision and Guardianship Order, the procuratorial organ will reprimand the guardian according to the relevant laws and regulations. If the guardian fails to educate and guardianship and causes serious social consequences, the guardian shall be dealt with according to the relevant laws and regulations.This announcement ceremony is the first time that the People’s Procuratorate of Xi ‘an Chang ‘an District has intervened, urged and guided the guardians to fulfill their guardianship duties and build a solid firewall for the protection of juvenile families by means of “supervision and guardianship order”.In the future, the hospital will gradually improve the working mechanism, relying on the strength of the “Evergreen” brand, expand the social effect of the work of “supervision and guardianship order”, and actively create a good atmosphere to promote the protection of minors’ families.Source: Shaanxi Procuratorial headline number