The first New Year’s Goods festival to make the town more thick

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Write Spring Festival couplets, sing opera, shopping, taste……On January 25, the first “Three Villages get together” New Year’s Goods festival was held in Dabaozi Town, Taobei New Village. The wonderful artistic performances and dazzling New Year’s goods brought the villagers into the festive atmosphere.”Rural ‘village late’, ‘local’ New Year’s goods are wonderful, snatching red envelopes, eating delicious food, listening to flowers, buying New Year’s goods all kinds of experience, childhood memories of the New Year suddenly awakened.Early in the morning of January 25, people who buy New Year’s goods in Taobei Village have a feeling.It is understood that the “three villages get together” festival has nearly more than 50 stalls, more than 100 kinds of Qinghai characteristics for the general public to buy goods, plus every day some red envelopes big distribution and literature and art interactive activities, attracted many citizens to the countryside to buy goods for the New Year.At the event, the village “village night” and the flower singing appeared on stage, the intangible Heritage paper cutting and embroidery works of “Orchid flower flower” were too many to see, the fried oil cakes and crisp balls were steaming hot, and the blood sausage and noodle sausage were freshly baked.Fresh fruits and vegetables in each park have just been put on the shelves, and the Gifts of Tao Xiaobao have already been “ready to go”…Each rich local characteristics of the “local flavor” New Year goods, so that the citizens immersed in the authentic rich traditional folk color of the New Year atmosphere, outline a simple and vivid, lively New Year “painting”.For customs in the Spring Festival really do people’s hearts, the great town, township party committee in advance planning, overall coordination, by using media express, relying on the electricity power, etc., focus on the folk characteristics, make full of nostalgia memory folk customs “earthy” become the new mainstream, special purchases for the general public in the home can buy farm necessities, experience the festival atmosphere,At the same time, it has effectively contributed to rural revitalization and the development of village collective economy.In recent years, the great town party committee continuously activates the party leading the country revitalization of endogenous power, promoting the “three township engineering”, the successful hosting of the province’s first town domain economy “three township engineering investment promotion seminar,” set up “the mentor group, a think-tank linked to three township, held a series of measures such as goodies for customs in the first quarter, omni-directional, multi-channel to attract people to the countryside, the artist returned, the enterprise hing township,Based on the lack of development, we have integrated the driving forces of development, encouraged villagers to start businesses on their doorstep, and promoted better and faster development of rural development, thus forming a distinctive path of rural revitalization and development within the scope of towns.