These three models are more luxurious than their counterparts in BBA

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In most people’s cognition, they think that domestic cars are synonymous with “cheap” and that they are not popular as joint venture cars or products.In fact, in the past, this can be considered, but in 2022 today, the workmanship quality and intelligent performance of domestic cars can not be compared with those of 10 years ago.Therefore, the three domestic cars introduced today are the ceiling of domestic cars, which are more advanced and luxurious than BBA at the same level.If blindfolded your eyes, let you sit into the red flag E-HS9 car experience a, how many people will mistakenly believe that they are sitting in Rolls-Royce?I think people who have no experience of luxury cars or less experience of high-end luxury cars will definitely give high evaluation to the performance of HONGqi E-HS9.The HONGqi E-HS9 is a large, full-size pure electric SUV. Its biggest selling point is luxury experience, and, of course, performance and comfort.So, red Flag E-HS9 interior design can be luxurious to what extent?The new car seats are wrapped in imitation leather or leather, and the ergonomic design of the seats is perfect, comparable to millions of top luxury cars.The comfort, touch and hardness of the seats are outstanding, making you feel like you don’t want to get out of the car.Of course, power and endurance, in fact, the performance of the Red Flag E-HS9 is not bad, the car provides 320kW and 405kW two kinds of performance optional, the endurance of 460-690 km optional, very humane.In the mass production of commercial cars, which can be called the ceiling of domestic cars, I think HiPhi X is one of them.Its guide price is 57.00-80.00 yuan, the price is the positioning of luxury car, frankly speaking, the price is not cheap, then why is HiPhi X so expensive?Compared with 600,000-800,000 BBA cars, what are the advantages of HiPhi X?As for the selling points and advantages of HiPhi X, I think intelligent experience and intelligent cars that can evolve bring revolutionary upgrades.The car claims to have L3 level autonomy, and many functions can be “backed up” to prevent malfunctions.There are open door design and so on, personality point is very much.Power and endurance are not bad, the total power of the motor is 440kW, breaking the fastest up to 3.9 seconds, outstanding performance.The official range is 550 kilometers, which is a mediocre performance.Nio ES8 is also a very competitive luxury pure electric SUV in the current market, and its sales volume is not small. In the brand new energy luxury car camp, The sales volume of NIO ES8 is not low. Therefore, compared with the BBA luxury car of 500,000-600,000 level,Nio ES8 actually has great appeal.It is no exaggeration to say that NIO ES8 is the ceiling of domestic cars, with outstanding intelligence, high appearance level, spacious space and many advantages.BBA luxury cars also pursue performance, space, luxury configuration enjoyment and so on, while ES8 is a pure electric SUV, its zero acceleration only 4.9 seconds, performance comparable to 1 million ordinary sports cars, not to mention the performance of luxury cars.Powered by an electric motor, the ES8’s performance beats that of a conventional fuel car.In terms of intelligence, the intelligent driving assistance function of NIO is very easy to use. Compared with ordinary BBA models, NIO ES8 is very advanced and intelligent.In the end, I think the three models mentioned above can fully support the “ceiling” of Domestic cars.Whether it is power performance, spacious and practical space, or intelligent experience in the car, the hongqi E-HS9, HiPhi X and NIO ES8 introduced just now are all very competitive models at present. If you as a consumer, what would you choose?