“Focus interview” 20220209 General Secretary’s concern let the Yellow River benefit the people

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Cctv.com news (focus interview) : The Yellow River is the Mother river of the Chinese nation. Protecting the Yellow River is a major project concerning the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.General Secretary Xi Jinping has always been concerned about the ecology of the Yellow River and the development of its coastal areas.In his New Year’s message for 2022, he said passionately: “The Peace and quiet of the Yellow River has been a thousand-year-old wish of the Chinese people.In recent years, I have traveled to nine provinces and regions in the upper, middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River.”From October 20 to 21, 2021, he went to the estuary of the Yellow River, the last stop of the Yellow River to the sea, to learn about the ecological protection and high-quality development there, and to visit the people who have relocated from the Yellow River beach area.Residents of Yangmiao community in Dongying City, Shandong Province, not far from the Yellow River, are expressing their best wishes for the New Year in their favorite way.Xu Fuhua, 66 years old, has three generations and six members of his family.This year marks the sixth Spring Festival since they moved to the Yangmiao community.The most memorable moment of the past year was his visit to their home on October 21.Xu fuhua said, “I was very nervous when I said President Xi was coming to my house.Actually sitting here, he answers all the questions, feel less nervous.President Xi first went to the bathroom, then to the dining room. I opened the refrigerator for him to see, and then to the bedroom.”In the living room, Xi jinping sat down with three generations of Xu Fuhua’s family.Xu Fuhua showed the general secretary the photos of the old house before it was moved.Xu Fuhua said: “at that time living in the old house is not convenient, summer out of a foot of mud, a body of soil, traffic is not convenient.”As a resettlement community for residents in the Yellow River beach area, Yangmiao community has 4,792 residents in 1,535 households.The government invested 560 million yuan and all moved in by the end of 2016.Before the relocation, Xu fuhua and his fellow villagers had lived for more than 30 years in the Yellow River beach area.Xu Fuhua said, “He asked again how he felt after going upstairs.I said to move to the building feeling really good, winter heating is not expensive, 10 yuan a flat, summer installed air conditioning, winter cold, summer hot.”Moving to the Yangmiao community, Xu Fuhua’s family lived a city life.He and his son Xu Jianfeng were divided into two suites, one with three bedrooms and two rooms of more than 120 square meters, for his son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter. He and his wife lived in another apartment of more than 80 square meters.The market price of two houses is around 550,000 yuan, but the family only spent 200,000 yuan through government subsidies.In the past five years, Shandong province has invested a total of more than 37 billion yuan to comprehensively start the relocation project of residents in the Yellow River beach area, helping more than 600,000 people like Xu Fuhua realize their “dream of living in peace” and “well-off dream” for thousands of years.In Xu Fuhua’s family, the general secretary also paid special attention to the family’s income after the family moved.Xu fuhua said, “When I was asked about my family income, I found that it was 170,000 yuan a year. The general secretary said it was quite substantial.”Xu fuhua’s son is working in an enterprise, his daughter-in-law has found a job in a community cooperative, and the old couple still do odd jobs to earn money. In the past, after the land transfer in the Yellow River beach area, they still have an income every year. He is very satisfied with his current life.The property is well serviced, and there is a kindergarten in the community where his little granddaughter goes to school, as well as a health clinic, which is convenient for colds, injections and medicines.The local government has stepped up community services to make the displaced people feel at ease.At the window of the Yangmiao community convenience service station, 32 items can be completed on the spot, and more than 40 items can be handled by community staff and volunteers, without the masses running errands.The yangmiao community, which accounts for about a quarter of its population aged 60 or older, has set up an affordable restaurant to provide warm lunches for the community’s elderly.The general secretary commented that dishes in restaurants for the elderly are as good for the elderly as those in cities.The general Secretary is also concerned about whether people have jobs when they move into a new community.Yangmiao community has set up six new cooperatives, including fruit and vegetable planting and straw weaving, to help people find jobs and start businesses at home.Liu Aiying, a community resident, found work in the Golden Shore grass weaving cooperative.Liu Aiying was knitting a bookshelf when the general secretary came to the cooperative.Liu Aiying, a resident of Yangmiao community in Kenli District, Dongying city, Shandong Province, said, “We were very excited when the general secretary came in. He said, ‘How long have you been making this up?How much is this one?How much can I earn a month?I said I could earn about fifteen hundred a month. There are fans here in summer and floor heating here in winter. I can earn money at home.In the Yangmiao community, the general secretary asked for efforts to build the community into a happy home for the people.At present, Yangmiao community is further refined service measures, to build a smart community, the development of e-commerce industry, further expand the relocation of people’s employment opportunities.The general Secretary’s heart is touched by the common people in the Yellow River beach area, and by the peace of the Yellow River.During his visit to Dongying city, where the Yangmiao community is located, Xi visited the estuary of the Yellow River and looked at the river’s water conditions by standing on a railing.At that time, the Lower Reaches of the Yellow River in Shandong had just experienced the biggest autumn floods in more than 30 years.Pei Mingsheng, director of the Yellow River Estuary Administration, said, “After the general Secretary arrived here, I first reported to the general Secretary about the current autumn flood prevention situation, and also about the water quantity, sediment content and the flow into the sea.He said, “I have gone from the upper, middle and lower reaches of the river to here today. Seeing the water flowing smoothly into the sea, I feel very confident.”The Yellow River flows through 9 provinces and regions, traveling more than 5,400 kilometers to Dongying, carrying silt and finally deposited in the estuary, creating the youngest land in the Republic of China — the Yellow River Delta, which is also the most complete wetland ecosystem in China’s warm temperate zone, with global protection value and national representative.In 1992, the Yellow River Delta National Nature Reserve was established here, covering an area of 1,530 square kilometers.The ecological protection of the Yellow River Delta is of great concern to the general secretary.Gou Hongshui, party secretary of Dongying District, Dongying City, Shandong Province, said: “He was very careful and very professional. He looked at the picture and asked if the suaeda needs to be restored every year, and if it is a natural state.At that time, when our colleagues reported, they innovated some ecological restoration methods, still focusing on natural restoration, and explored an ecological restoration model with characteristics of the Yellow River, thus forming a good wetland restoration effect of sequential restoration, natural succession and long-term stability.The general secretary was very happy to hear that.”In order to protect the ecological environment of the Yellow River Delta wetland and improve biodiversity, Dongying has in recent years returned more than 72,000 mu of farmland to wet land and reclaimed land, and carried out water system connectivity and wetland restoration projects.Since 2017, 188 square kilometers of wetlands have been restored in the nature reserve.The good habitat attracts millions of birds to migrate and winter here every year. The Yellow River Delta Nature Reserve has become the world’s largest breeding ground for Oriental white storks, a national first-class protected animal.The Yellow River delta national nature reserve of the Yellow River delta ecological monitoring eppinger s. sourcing by design, director of the center said: “when talking about the Oriental white stork, we according to its habits make artificial nest, general secretary was very interested in, and said with a smile you make Oriental white stork housing projects, it is not need to spend money on housing projects, free housing projects.”The general Secretary is also very concerned about the Yellow River Delta nature reserve and the establishment of the Yellow River Estuary National Park, calling for scientific verification and solid progress.Huanghekou National Park, with a planned area of 3,523 square kilometers, is China’s first national park integrating land and sea.At present, the nature reserve has completed the compilation of the master plan of the Yellow River Estuary National Park and entered the stage of establishment and implementation.”Bearing in mind the general secretary’s sincere instructions, we have carried out the establishment of the Yellow River Estuary National Park, continued to promote wetland restoration and further improved the level of intelligent protection and management,” said Xu Mingde, secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Yellow River Delta National Nature Reserve Management Committee.The Yellow River Delta Agricultural high-tech Industry Demonstration Zone is xi jinping’s second stop in Dongying.The agro-high area of the Yellow River Delta is characterized by saline-alkali soil, which accounts for 84% of the total land area of the region and is the second state-level agro-high area in China.”When the general secretary came here, he asked what kind of variety it was, how much salt tolerance it had and how much yield it could produce per mu,” said Luo Shouyu, a second-level inspector in the Agricultural high district of the Yellow River Delta in Shandong Province.Asked these after bending down, pick a few beans, beans peeled after the mouth to bite the bite, the soybean is good, there is a week to harvest.From here, we can see that the general secretary is really familiar with agriculture. He is an old guard, which we admire.Our admiration for the leaders’ devotion to the people and their concern for agriculture arose spontaneously.”The Yellow River Delta is rich in wild soybean resources, which are tolerant to salt, drought and disease.China has 1.5 billion mu of saline-alkali land, of which 550 million mu has potential for development.General Secretary pays great attention to breeding salt-tolerant soybean varieties with wild soybean.Luo Shouyu said, “Soybeans depend on foreign countries and import a lot every year. If soybean production and planting can be done in saline-alkali land, it is of strategic significance to reduce the country’s soybean import, ensure the safety of grain and oil, and even feed grain, and ensure the supply of meat, eggs and milk.”Soybean breeder Xu Hualing and his assistant were busy picking seed samples when the general secretary arrived.Last year, his 30-acre experimental field planted more than 500 soybean lines bred from wild soybeans.Xu hualing has been trying for more than a decade to select new varieties that are salt-tolerant and high-yielding.Xu hualing said: “We have used cultivated soybeans as the female parent and wild soybeans as the male parent. After more than ten years of backcrossing, we have developed a line that is both salt-tolerant and high-yielding. This year the line will go to Hainan for further breeding, and next year it will participate in the national soybean experiment.”Bearing in mind the instructions of the general secretary, in December last year, the Yellow River Delta agricultural high area invited the top scientific research team in China to set up the Salt-tolerant soybean Industry Technology Research Institute, preparing to develop the whole industry chain in the salt-tolerant soybean breeding, planting and promotion.”In the next step, we will firmly carry the banner of comprehensive utilization of saline-alkali land and take on the major mission of ensuring national food security,” Luo said.Thousands of miles of Yellow River Beach, a new look.When he left yangmiao Community, the general secretary’s affectionate wishes for a long time warmed and inspired the hearts of people in the Yellow River beach area.