Supreme Court: More than 13,000 judges have served as vice principals for the rule of law in primary and secondary schools

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Beijing, February 17 (People’s Daily Online) this morning, the Ministry of Education held a press conference to introduce the “law of primary and secondary school vice principal appointment and management measures” related to the situation.As of December 31, 2021, 13,801 judges from 2,328 courts had served as vice principals of law in 15,332 primary and secondary schools, said Jiang Jihai, director of the juvenile Court work office and second-level inspector of the Research Office of the Supreme People’s Court.Jiang Jihai believes that the implementation of the Measures for the appointment and management of deputy principals of primary and secondary schools under the rule of law is of great significance to improve the governance system of primary and secondary schools, improve the protection of students’ rights and interests, and promote the healthy growth of minors.In the next step, the Supreme People’s Court will focus on the implementation of the Measures from four aspects.First, strengthen organizational leadership and build a strong contingent.According to the needs of the school and the characteristics of students of different ages, we will develop targeted courseware for preventing campus bullying, sexual assault, fraud and drugs, train a team of professional lecturers, and strengthen the accuracy of the work of the vice president of the rule of law.Strengthen the training of teaching skills, educational psychology and other aspects, and effectively improve the performance ability of the vice president of the rule of law.Second, earnestly perform duties and play a good role.Through typical cases, moot court and other popular ways for teenagers, targeted at campus bullying, sexual assault, cyber crime and other difficulties in building a legal campus, make students respect the rule of law become conscious.We will expand the scope of legal services and strengthen legal training for teachers and parents.Third, we will strengthen oversight and assessment to ensure adequate security.An incentive and accountability mechanism should be established to provide necessary conditions and guarantee for part-time vice principals to carry out their work. The performance of legal vice principals should be included in the assessment content of judges. Excellent courseware and excellent part-time vice principals should be selected, recognized and rewarded in time to encourage and form a good atmosphere for active participation.Fourth, strengthen coordination and cooperation to build a sound system.Strengthen communication and coordination with education, procuratorial, public security, judicial and other departments and social organizations, establish information notification mechanism, strengthen collaboration and coordination, effectively integrate resources, gather work force, and jointly promote the seamless and full coverage of vice president of the rule of law.Source: People’s Daily Online – Social Channel