Warm heart keep Shanghai | hemodialysis, radiation and chemotherapy, the birth of…They in Putuo guard this “passage of life” day and night.

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They worked day and night to open up the “life channel” for residents’ medical treatment during the lockdown period, ensuring people’s life and health.During the period when the “special car” transfers in the reverse direction, it is difficult to find a car. How to do the transfers?”Special car” is added.”Xu old woman hello, please get on the car.”At 5:30 in the morning, at the gate of Yihong community, Wanli Street, Master Dong, dressed in “Bayai”, stood beside the non-emergency transport vehicle to welcome the first resident who needed transport today.”I drive a non-emergency transport car, mainly in charge of picking up the elderly with special medical needs in the community during lockdown.”On the eve of a new round of nucleic acid tests in Puxi, Master Dong was ordered to go to Wanli Street with two other colleagues to undertake non-emergency transfer tasks.”From April 1 until now, we have scheduled transshipment and temporary transshipment every day.”Master Dong said that the last order of the day was to send hemodialysis patients to Tongji Hospital at 8:00 PM, and it was already midnight when I returned to the dormitory after sending the patients home.Each delivery of residents, Master Dong has to be strictly in accordance with the process of comprehensive elimination of vehicles, ventilation, to carry out the next delivery.The daily transport task is busy and arduous. Dong only sleeps in bed for three or four hours a day, and spends the rest of the time on the way to and from the hospital.”Xu old woman, after you go in, I go to take a patient, to 10:30 I wait for you at the door, send you home.”Master Dong told the old man.”Ok, thank you.I was so careful every time.”Xu A Po is a 70-year-old woman who lives alone. When she heard that Puxi would be locked up from April 1, she was still worried that it would be difficult to get her blood dialysis three times a week, even though she could call it 120 during the period of lockdown.The car also has no, 120 affirmation also difficult call.”When old woman worried, the neighborhood committee to find, registered her information, and in April 1, the first day of the seal control for her to arrange a transport vehicle.When the “special class” goes online, we will coordinate the personnel tension during the sealing and control period. Who will do the job of looking for cars and docking hospitals?Professional people do professional things.On March 27, Wanli Street held a meeting on epidemic prevention and control, and deployed a new round of nucleic acid testing and containment. At the same time, various support groups led by the main leaders of wanli Street were set up to comprehensively guarantee the new round of nucleic acid testing and residents’ lives during the regional containment.Wanli Street and Community Health Service Center’s medical security group staff “at that time, medical security as an important matter for careful deployment, the street medical security group and the community health service center at the first time for docking.”Wanli Street officials said that the two sides jointly formulated the “Tips on Emergency Medical Security during the lockdown management of Wanli Street” and established a tripartite communication mechanism of “street, community health service center and residential area”.Relying on the haoyun, Fuping and Yihua districts in Wanli Street, each district corresponds to 5 neighborhood committees. Each district is equipped with 2 family doctors and a number of medical volunteers, which are closely connected with the neighborhood committees.At the same time, the street is connected with a professional non-emergency transfer team, to ensure the timely transfer of hemodialysis, radiotherapy and chemotherapy patients and pregnant women, labor examination, delivery.At the same time, three days before puxi lockdown, communities in Wanli Street carried out carpet treatment for special groups such as pregnant women who needed hemodialysis and chemotherapy.”We queued all night because we were in a race against time.Especially for blood dialysis, social health centers need to make an appointment with designated hospitals in advance.”Street emergency medical security group staff said, through the row touch, statistics to wanli district a total of more than 60 residents have special medical needs.It is through meticulous row touch, timely grasp the residents’ medical needs, Wanli Street community health service center timely for hemodialysis patients appointment treatment time.”On the evening of March 31, we arranged transport for hemodialysis patients who needed to be sent to hospital on April 1.”What if there are too many demands and too many things to do when you are always on call?Always on call, always on call.In addition to the intensive arrangement of residents’ medical needs, the staff of the street emergency medical support group also connected with the relevant needs of each residential area in the area to deal with emergencies.”We are always on call in the group.Mobile phones are turned on 24 hours a day, so that comrades in the front line of residential areas can be found in the first time, reliable, don’t ask, don’t leave the problem to the grass-roots.”In such a special period, such mutual help has become the motivation for everyone to stick to the end.Doctors at the social Health center are carrying medical supplies: “Carbalatin, sertraline, Memantine oral liquid…Community health services?”As soon as the staff of the street emergency Medical support team made a request in the area cluster, the doctor of the social health center stationed in the cluster responded.After getting the response, the problem ensues, the community health service center does not have, that can only go to the designated hospital to match.Then, the staff immediately docking resident committee, arrange resident committee cadres on behalf of drugs.Wanli Street emergency medical support group and community health service center jointly formulated the Internet Diagnosis and Treatment Guide, and guide residents to seek medical treatment online.Residents who are unable to get medicine online can propose to the neighborhood committee that the cadres of the neighborhood committee consult the family doctor in the wechat group of the medical security group of the area, and provide dispensing services according to the priority.”Our social health service will open simple clinics, and the neighborhood commission staff will ‘run errands’ on behalf of them.”The staff of the neighborhood emergency medical support team said that the social health center can contact the designated hospitals for special drugs that residents need urgently.”We took appropriate measures as needed to effectively relieve the pressure on residents to make medicine for medical treatment, thus reducing the burden on the community level.Under the “double linkage” of the street emergency medical support group and the community health service Center, wanli Street has closed loop transport for more than 100 residents who really need to go out for medical treatment, hemodialysis, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and complete same-day return visit to ensure the whole closed-loop process of out-patients.Street non – emergency transfer vehicles accumulated more than 60 times.With the extension of lockdown time, the parties protecting the “life channel” have taken action to cope with new needs and improve more measures. Although they have been very tired and exhausted, they firmly believe that persistence is victory, and only persistence can win!Reporter: Yi Wen Editor: Huang Mei