A family is a story, listen to dad tell the story of grandpa legend

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The author Mo color the first two days of the New Year’s eve, that my hometown two uncle home son get married, not to not more than seventy – year – old uncle, uncle from home to home to flow to reach several times, the old man is old but not out of town, but when it comes to home the mood is always so excited and care, with son to go home to have a look, because there has not seen his father watches all the time.In fact, it was not much of a home for uncle.Uncle 75 years old this year, in 2018 to recognize the ancestors, “to recognize the ancestors” this thing for uncle is the biggest thing in life, in recent years, uncle returned to the ancestral family tree, the whole person’s state of mind is good, uncle’s heart has been on the “father” have a think, from time to time called his father to accompany him to grandpa’s grave.My grandfather was killed on the way when my father was 9 years old. My father is the eldest brother of the family, and bears the responsibility of “the eldest brother is the father” under the inheritance of traditional culture.When I was five or six years old, I heard that my mother was going to have more relatives, and some people came to confirm the family name. This matter became unknown and I thought it was just a joke.Until 2018, when someone to really RenZuGuiZong is now “uncle”, because at that time can prove “uncle” lives the uncle that older cousin, afraid uncle RenZuGuiZong it became their lifelong regret, so mutual understanding through the relatives, uncle last told me father to return to the family tree.The story of my uncle begins with my grandfather.Listen to father said grandpa is a legendary handsome, charming, handsome and natural and unrestrained, handsome and dye-in-the-wood of yi nationality, handsome grandpa this life only live to be in their early 30 s, but two married wife and a woman, the first wife gave birth to me after the elder sister-in-law wife get sick and die, how old elder sister-in-law, when the people secretly kind of opium, grandpa is also kind of opium, then wander, gambling,All kinds of scalping, the home is often brought back by grandpa a lot of goods, such as: servant girl, silver ornaments and other items.Listen to me a grandpa said, my grandpa’s first wife died, grandpa go to swim through a period of time, is this time my grandpa had a second woman, is now the mother of my uncle, grandpa in the second woman had two sons, there is now the uncle and 2 “, then don’t know about it in the home, grandpa came back after a period of time,Took home and gave him another woman, is the second wife, grandpa’s third woman and the wife is “the first beauty” in our stockade, grandpa like other men, “” my fair lady, gentleman good see beauty is reluctant to leave, of course, plus yi exquisite home with family, the second wife is my grandpa grandma family influence is very big,Grandpa also dare not to provoke, so my grandfather was the second woman only he knows this, later heard that grandpa told one of his uncle, his uncle is yi cultural inheritance “model”, often walking around, my grandpa’s uncle father ye know that after the often take care of grandpa’s second woman, a wife and three, then grandfather died,My grandfather died suddenly in his early thirties.It was a secret that grandpa had a second woman and two sons.In reality, existence is a fact that no one can deny.After many years, uncle two uncle guizong, may have ended the wish of grandpa in heaven, grandma also went to heaven to recognize the clan, grandma does not know the existence of this thing from beginning to end, the thing is always satisfactory, just bitter a few women.Afterwards listen to uncle about their stories, I often inadvertently flow tears, uncle said when he was eleven years old, one day and my brother woke up in bed, his mother walked, cold body, is the man finally off uncle neighbor’s mother, when she was walking thin wood such as bone, uncle knew mother was starved to death, in order to eat for he and his brother provinces,My mother often stretched the family with a tight belt, waiting for my grandfather to come home. My mother’s days were spent in anticipation, and she did not expect my father to return home once until she died.Uncle, remember, when he was young often have an uncle brought sheep head to mother let mother do give them to eat, uncle said people are called “model”, and this is my uncle that grandfather yi cultural inheritance “model”, it is later, uncle and brother grow up never saw the man, uncle’s mother died,Is uncle mother that side of a cousin with their brothers grow up, cousin also put two uncle for school, later two uncle in the county when the “police”, only in a police accident accident and died.People say that their two brothers are born without a mother’s child, uncle’s biggest wish in life is to recognize the clan.These decades have been trying to find the way home, the door to recognize people return to the ancestors of a lot of people, but mostly cheat to eat a meal on nothing, things always do not want to uncle so wishful, then uncle directly gave up this desire, and two uncle married married children.Just then I have a cousin cousin home village married into the uncle, cousin to the aunt speaks the uncle’s story, didn’t know there is such a thing, then through the effort of everyone has come true, just 2 “is gone, but it is good, uncle came back, back to the places they should come back.I remember that day in the family tree, the name of uncle and two uncles and children’s children’s names added to the time, uncle with tears, the family tree tightly pulled in his arms, stick on the heart, for fear that he will not be inside, for uncle this is the meaning of his life.Now uncle spirit is very good, two times a year to go to the hometown, often with his father to live in the hometown for a few days, before returning home.People in this life to return to the root, no matter how to live has been on the way home, perhaps the meaning of the existence of parents is, the child has been on the way home.This year’s Spring Festival gala and usual no characteristic and attractive, light years in China, only much uncle together at that moment in the home, have a family sitting, lights and amiable, thick affection thick homesickness is more than anything the world warm, birds, the meaning of the Chinese New Year is a busy year in spare some time with the elderly and children, this year the family sitting next to the TV,Listen to father told the story of grandpa, a home is a story.Life never changes anything, but it always changes everything.Anyway, as Wang Xiaobo said, “It is not enough for a person to have only this life and this world, he should also have a poetic world”.Our life needs some sense of ritual, it is a kind of awe, a kind of beauty, a kind of delicacy, a kind of attitude, it does not need to be shown to others, it only needs your heart from inside to outside, so that ordinary life is filled with unique touching.