Did you choose the right thermos?Be careful not to step on thunder at 6:00

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“When it is cold, give me a thermos cup I can soak the whole world” // Thermos cup, the appearance level can not be good for health group, the best partner of thermos cup is not medlar “a unique”, but also can make tea, jujube, ginseng, coffee……However, recent investigations have found that some thermos on the market are shoddy.What?Quality problem?Poor insulation?NO!NO!NO!Heat preservation almost reluctantly endure, but there is a heavy metal problem is big!Appearance level is the basic “responsibility” of a thermos cup, but when you hold it in your hand, you will find that more important than appearance level is the material.Thermos cups are mostly made of stainless steel, with high temperature resistance and good heat preservation performance.Other materials, such as glass, ceramic, purple sand and so on, are affected by factors such as heat preservation, anti-fall and price, and are only a handful of the large army of thermos cups.Stainless steel materials are usually divided into three types, “code” 201, 304 and 316 respectively.201 stainless steel, good at disguise “Li Ghost” Follow news to expose unqualified thermos, most of them use 201 stainless steel as the inner liner of the thermos.201 stainless steel has high manganese content and poor corrosion resistance. If it is used as the inner liner of a thermos cup, long-term storage of acidic substances may lead to manganese precipitation.Manganese is an essential micronutrient, but too much of it can be harmful, especially to the nervous system.Imagine the consequences if children were allowed to drink this water all day!304 stainless steel, real material is very “shoulding” Strategies for stainless steel contact with food, its safety risks are mainly the migration of heavy metals.Therefore, stainless steel in contact with food must be food grade.Food grade stainless steel is most often used in the corrosion resistance of 304 stainless steel.To be called 304, it would have to be 18% chromium and 8% nickel.However, businesses will mark 304 in the obvious position of stainless steel products, but 304 does not mean that it meets the requirements of food contact use.304 stainless steel is more acid resistant, but prone to spot corrosion when confronted with substances containing chloride ions, such as salt solutions.And 316 stainless steel is the advanced version: it increases the metal molybdenum on the basis of 304 stainless steel, to have better corrosion resistance, more “carry dozen”.Unfortunately, 316 stainless steel cost is higher, mostly used in medical, chemical and other sophisticated fields.// There are hidden dangers, bubble should not bubble thermos cup is thermos cup, bubble wolfberry also got, natural bubble can not bubble all over the world!Not only that, some common things in daily life, also can’t go smoothly into the vacuum cup bubble.Tea brewing with stainless steel cup will not cause metal chromium migration, and will not cause corrosion to the stainless steel material itself.But even then, thermos cups are not recommended, as tea is usually well breasted and prolonged soaking in hot water can damage the vitamins in the leaves and reduce their flavor and texture.Moreover, if the tea is not cleaned in time and thoroughly after brewing, tea scale will be attached to the inner liner of the thermos cup, resulting in peculiar smell.2 Carbonated drinks and fruit juice Carbonated drinks, fruit juices, and some Traditional Chinese medicines are mostly acidic and will not cause heavy metal migration if kept in a vacuum cup for a short time.But these liquid components are complex, some acidic, long time contact may produce corrosion of stainless steel, heavy metals will migrate to drinks.When holding carbonated drinks and other gas-producing liquids in a thermos cup, be careful not to put too much or too full, and avoid violent shaking, so as not to escape dissolved gases, which will also cause safety risks when the pressure in the cup increases sharply.Milk and soy milk milk and soy milk are high protein drinks, which tend to spoil if kept warm for a long time.If you drink milk and soya-bean milk in a thermos cup, it will be difficult to avoid diarrhea.In addition, milk, soy milk protein also easy to adhere to the wall of the cup, so that cleaning becomes difficult.If you use a thermos to hold milk and soymilk temporarily, disinfect the thermos with hot water first, drink it as soon as possible, and wash it as soon as possible.When cleaning, try to “gently”, avoid the use of a hard brush or steel ball, in order to prevent scratching the surface of stainless steel, affect the corrosion resistance.// Tip: Here’s how to choose your thermos first, buy through formal channels and try to choose products from well-known brands.Consumers should pay attention to check the instructions, labels and product certificates are complete, avoid buying “three products”.Second, check whether the goods identify the material type and material composition, such as austenitic SUS304 stainless steel, SUS316 stainless steel or “stainless steel 06Cr19Ni10” and other words.Third, open the thermos and smell.If it is a qualified product, because the materials used are food grade, there is generally no peculiar smell.The 4th, touch cup mouth and liner with the hand, the liner of qualified thermos cup is smoother, and inferior thermos cup is rough mostly because of material problem.Fifth, sealing ring, straw and other easy to contact liquid accessories, should use food grade silica gel.Sixth, after the purchase of water leakage and insulation performance test, usually insulation time to reach more than 6 hours.Wang Hui ↙ click “Read more health news” to enter the COLUMN of GUANGDONG Provincial Health Commission for COVID-19 Prevention and Control.