Did you have that kind of education as a child?My generation was beaten up in the 70s

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All those years, we were beaten!Is corporal education right or wrong?And to the New Year’s day, when I was a child every New Year’s day is beaten the most time, because of all kinds of naughty trouble ah!So on special days, think back to those beatings.The tragic friend of modern education be in a mess of ask me: your home child how education, so sensible, study life all so ability self-care and self-care, need not you worry about, you use what secret recipe education come out of ah?My child let me worry about the dead, nice words, painstakingly heart, to the mobile phone to the name brand to buy, clothes to hand out food to mouth also calculate, study also don’t care, all day know to play games dawdle, you say how to do?Tell me your secret!”Dozen, toward death dozen, dozen he 2 months buttocks can not sit stool good!”The only secret I can share with you is the rough way.”If you want to play to death you play, play him this life will not forget, play must be etched into the bone marrow, three points is not good, have to be very deep to let TA remember.””But I’m not responsible for the consequences, you see to it!”I said nonchalantly.”What age, you this kind of rough method is not suitable for modern education, are ten years old people, can you still hit, in case he ran away from home how to do?””Do you have a better way?You tried all that stuff and it worked?It’s only a matter of time before he does run away!”Corporal education is not necessarily the best way, but sometimes it is the most direct and effective way.If you really don’t have a better way to educate yourself, try it.Chinese history is tens of millions, corporal punishment is the most basic way of education, can be handed down for thousands of years, there is always its reason!Modern education does not advocate corporal punishment, but more and more rebellious children, light uneducated, play games;Heavies kill their mothers and fathers at every turn.Teacher a little corporal punishment, big fight, media one-sided, light lost rice, heavy lost life;Students are flying day by day domineering, defiant;The age of lawlessness is getting younger and younger.I was born in the era of beatings and I grew up in the era of beatings. I think corporal education helped me a lot.Set up my correct outlook on life, let me know in the parents under the bamboo whip: eat bitter, bitter, people on!Only now have hot pot every day to eat the happy life!So, I think corporal punishment education is not necessarily a bad thing!The success of corporal punishment education in my home in no better way of education, do not prevent with a violent corporal punishment, of course, appropriate use, do not go over the top, did not play a few directly into the hospital is not.It’s against the law.Corporal punishment should also be used appropriately according to the circumstances. If you are a teacher, it is best not to use it. Although you have good intentions, the result will be to lose your job.If it is their own children, I think it can be used appropriately.I was brought up in a system where my parents taught me proper corporal punishment;Our whole family has been using corporal punishment education for a hundred miles around. So far, no one has ever died or been a traitor.It is a lot of talent, the younger generation basically have filial piety.So I think their children, appropriate use of corporal punishment type of education, not necessarily bad!Children in our family, from the age of ten or so, can completely take care of themselves, shopping for food, cooking, washing and cleaning the room, seven or eight guests can also cope with a table of food, as good as adults.I can help my family when I’m on vacation.A child of fifteen can travel hundreds of kilometers by train alone for a few days.Is it natural to be so sensible?NO, it’s all out of corporal punishment.Of course, it has to be matched with reasonable play and education;But for a child, she has no self-control and immature thought. No matter how much reason you talk to her, she is difficult to understand. Otherwise, why should you be an adult?This time the appropriate use of violence corporal punishment, let her remember, this is the bottom line, can not touch the bottom;She’ll remember it.Let her understand, the reason why parents call parents, from your birth is your elders, parents a lot of words, you have to unconditionally obey.So spanking a child is not always a bad thing.The appropriate use of violent corporal punishment at the right time, for the right person, may also lead to better results.Of course, violence is different from person to person, according to local conditions!For reference only, if offended, please detour!