Huang Xiaoming’s assistant was fined 100 yuan after causing trouble

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Huang xiaoming has been working as usual since his divorce from Yang Ying was announced. The media did not record him feeling depressed or negatively affected by his failed marriage.Some netizens believe that it is only natural that the relationship between Yang Ying and Huang Xiaoming has been cooling down for a long time, so even if the official announcement of divorce is made, they will still live a normal life.Some even think huang xiaoming is in better shape and more popular with the public after the divorce.Recently, Huang Xiaoming’s assistant released a video entitled “Morning running incident”, which attracted wide attention from netizens.It turns out that Huang Xiaoming went out for a run with his assistant in the morning. In the video, several people covered themselves very tightly, maybe it was cold weather, or maybe they didn’t want to be recognized.Everyone was in good condition. Huang Xiaoming warmed up with full energy and took the lead in the front. His assistant was also enthusiastic and did not lag behind.Just ran to a community in front of the door, an assistant brainwave want to show a hurdle, but probably running time is too long, a little physical strength is not supported, directly put the railings over, but fortunately people are ok.Huang Xiaoming quickly came forward to view, while the security of the community was also attracted to the movement.It can be seen that the security brother is very dissatisfied with the behavior of these several people, his hands behind the stern rebuke, the expression is also very fierce.Huang Xiaoming hastened to persuade him to make peace, saying, “Fine him money.”But the guard didn’t let that stop him, mumbling something.Seeing this, Huang xiaoming apologized sincerely again, repeatedly saying he was sorry, turning around and waving “SORRY” as he left.It can be seen that Huang Xiaoming is really worried about his assistant, very protective of him, for his behavior.After the group left, Huang xiaoming joked to the assistant, “LET you try to be brave, I will fine you 100 yuan red envelope.”Estimate xiaoming elder brother also won’t really let assistant pay fine, but see he and his men get along or very iron, like the elder brothers.From beginning to end, Huang xiaoming’s behavior has left a lot of good impression and attracted praise from netizens.Can sincerely apologize to the security brother, with subordinates do not have a little arrogance, temper is also very kind, which is completely inconsistent with his image in the screen often played by the domineering president, greasy man, huang Xiaoming in life is obviously more affinity.Before Huang Xiaoming had said in the program, he never lend money to friends, are directly to, that is to say, as long as a friend to borrow money, directly to him, without ious.Have to say, xiaoming elder brother is really the true righteousness, such people estimate life is very few.Who wouldn’t want to have a friend who is polite to strangers, humble and friendly?Is this a loss for Yang Ying?Do you like Huang Xiaoming?