Land Patrol LC300 brother model, the new generation of Toyota Sequoia attack

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Japanese hardcore off-road SUV, in the heat of the overseas market is relatively high, the space of the model is larger, the reliability and stability of prominent, has a powerful cross-country ability at the same time, the extreme off-road environment has a strong ability to adapt, so together, Japanese hardcore off-road SUV, can satisfy the many consumers use, environmentalThe new generation of Toyota Sequoia has officially made its debut in the overseas market. The overall product strength of the model is very strong. As a million-level SUV, it can compete with Lexus lX600 and Toyota Land Patrol LC300.At the same time, the model has a more powerful off-road capability.A new generation of Toyota sequoia Toyota sequoia of the new generation has formally metamorphosis is complete, car insurance is a standard hard early off-road SUV is also facing the SUV in the field of commercial vehicles, the authority is also in the models, taking into full consideration the needs of consumers use in a variety of environment, the overall appearance model adopted the luxurious feeling and sense of advanced design,Provides a central network of different design languages.A new generation of Toyota sequoia provides two spatial layout, respectively, six and seven, six layout version provides the rear independent seats, the overall comfort level is higher, and a strong sense of business, 7 version layout adopted the layout of the 2 + 3 + 2, the overall stronger practicability, can satisfy more consumers use standard.The new generation of Toyota Sequoia, no matter facing overseas consumers or the young generation of domestic consumers, shows a very advantageous design language and design style. The model is powered by a twin turbocharged engine. This 3.5T engine will be used in Japanese large-size SUV models.Summary: The whole performance of the new generation of Toyota Sequoia is very visual impact, facing the Lexus LX600 and Toyota Land Patrol has its own unique development state, the compartment also began to consider the car standards of young people.