Ga zi straight broadcast overturned car, ice pier pier don’t need to hype themselves won’t buy, the price is too high

2022-07-16 0 By

Star live car overturned a lot of things, but the star “gaba” mouth, is one of the most direct, really dare to say, ice pier pier to me don’t, this is obviously the business hype, I just can’t bear it.Is not hype do not know, is the ice pier pier a vote difficult to find, before a as long as 100 dollars, is 3000, more than 30 times.Actor Xie Mengwei said that Olympic mascots ice mound mound price is too high to have dozens of yuan price by cattle up to 2000 dollars, but also said his house is in wangfujing, no line up to buy, but see a net friend in line, he will feel comfortable, is actually the expression of a mood, this is in order to meet the winter Olympic Games mascots,Everyone wants to have one, so the mascot has become so popular that no one has any friends, and everyone wants to have one, but due to the supply and demand, they have to queue up to buy one, so Xie Wei xie Mengwei said in the live broadcast, netizens are confused.Ga zi said: The queue to grab the ice dun dun people have a brain problem, that is what I said, normal people can not do that.This is clearly said that net friend’s head has a pit, and he is a normal person, because he said he would not rob this thing, but this is a public problem of cognitive orientation, this one, we have sinned against a lot of net friend, snapping up ice block queue also shows a trick to the attention of the Olympic Games, but also people a festive atmosphere, how can be called without the behavior of the brain.But ga zi is a direct person, he said that ice dun dun is obviously the hype of the business, so they can not stand up and the business against, just said that the Internet users queued to buy ice Dun dun is not normal people can not do that thing, give him do not, but this is out of the place to touch the user’s heart.Said a lot of people don’t agree with GaZi, ice mound mound this is Olympic mascots, both at home and abroad and a net friend, not just our country, foreign friends are buying, the mascot is simple and honest lovely, looking at is a festival, is also embodies the spirit of Olympics to watch ice mound mound of our country strong and prosperous,Therefore, the Winter Olympic Games will be held in our country, but also the performance of becoming bigger and stronger, we express the love of the feeling, but also our patriotic way of expression in another way.Ga said more than 100 dollars of things, noisy to 3000 dollars, this is really unreasonable, but rare is expensive, manufacturers did not produce so many ice pier pier, so who has who is the king, will be fried out of the high price, although it seems unreasonable, but the number of rare, want to have too many of his people.Prices on the Internet are regulated, and if prices are deliberately inflated, they will be punished, so how can it be blind pursuit?Everyone knows GaZi mammal in the liquor were many net friend’s comments, ridiculously low prices, is considered by many as “false” wine, word of mouth repeatedly, but began to comment on ice mound mound, there are also people who believe in the ceng heat, after all, the heat of the mascot, a lot of people are paying attention to, so as to whether the price were deliberately raised, GaZi that isn’t quite right,There is a market economy. It would be wrong to boycott the Winter Olympic mascots.GaZi feel put my foot in my mouth, said he is love games, also love the country, is not to resist, but my personal thoughts and find items don’t need to be hype hype, and the price is higher so far, just personal opinion, this statement has not been a lot of users in the understanding, will still unpopular.Worried about this bold statement, what do you think about Ga Zi’s discussion of mascots?Feel free to leave a comment below?