Important notice!An epidemic prevention and control inspection point has been set up at the exit of qingbaijiang Expressway toll station

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Latest deployment requirements of chengdu in sichuan province, epidemic prevention and control command, to strengthen the high-risk areas in Shanghai, jilin, etc to epidemic prevention and control, green vehicles and personnel QingBaiJiang transport authorities to act quickly, the joint public security, WeiJian dependency and evaluated integratedly to complete area seven outside the domestic highway toll station exit inspection point set, 24 hours on duty unattended,Check the health code and travel card of all passengers and drivers in every passing vehicle, and register the information of abnormal people to minimize the risk of imported epidemic diseases.Specific point (a) into a continous high-speed export yao (2) into the high-speed crossing the export into south high-speed spring (3) (4) two around the datong export export (6) (5) two residences around two round and export (7) two round with good export in guanghan (April 6, is expected to complete set) inspection content low in strict accordance with the “every car will check, not full verification, a car a person” principle,Check the health code and travel card of all passengers and drivers on outbound vehicles. Those with yellow code or red code and travel history in Shanghai or Jilin province within 14 days will be dealt with according to the requirements of epidemic control.● Nucleic acid testing sampling sites will be set up to provide convenient nucleic acid testing services for those who are willing to do all the testing.From 9 o ‘clock on April 5, 2022 to 7 o ‘clock on April 6, 2022, A total of 186 people were dispatched from Qingbaijiang District to participate in the duty at six expressway checkpoints in China, with 3,009 vehicles inspected and 70,937 drivers and passengers inspected, including 6 from Shanghai, 1 from Yellow code, 1383 for nucleic acid and antigen detection, and 6 for transport and isolation. All of them have undergone nucleic acid testing.The results were negative.Please actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention inspection work, actively show the health code communication travel card, nucleic acid test negative within 48 hours, those who have a history of living in medium-high risk areas, please take the initiative to report to the inspectors and the community