It’s a wuling new magic car, but sales are likely to skyrocket

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Hello, everyone!There are a lot of new MPV products this year, but as we said a few days ago, “It went off the rails”.A wave of new MPVS are threatening to be China’s Elfa.These new cars are too far away from ordinary consumers in terms of price, size and positioning.Content review: “MPV new cars, but take the mood astray?”Are there any new cars that people really want to see?There really is one to look forward to.A few days ago, Wuling released another silver standard Wuling new model – Jiachen.Will this be another wuling magic car?Why are we bearish?Let’s talk about it.Wuling Jia Chen is Taiwan what car “Wuling god car” second upgrade chat wuling, cannot do without macro light.At its peak, Wuling Hongguang could sell 80,000 units a month.In the Internet, it has become a cultural symbol because of drift and stability.This year, it was added as an Easter egg.The reason why Wuling Hongguang can succeed is to really solve the needs of consumers at that time.Part of the fourth and fifth line market consumers do not meet the simple and cheap micro surface, budget is not enough to consume real passenger cars.Cheap and pull people pull goods two appropriate macro light, naturally can become the harvest of this part of the vacuum market.Wuling Hongguang upgraded version of Baojun 730, peak can also monthly sales of 50,000.Compared with macro light, Treasure Jun 730 between pulling goods and pulling people, more focus on people.But now, whether belong to wuling hongguang or Baojun 730 times, have passed.What we needed was a more refined, MPV-like car, and that’s where jiachen came in.”Silver standard Wuling” Jiachen from Wuling, to be precise, silver standard Wuling.From the current product planning of Wuling, red Standard Wuling will focus more on commercial use in the future, while Baojun will be younger. The role of premium family car undertaken by Baojun before will be gradually transferred to Silver Standard Wuling.Of course, Silver standard Wuling did not give up the cost-effective route.Silver standard Wuling has MPV Capgemini, SUV star two models.The market performance is good, especially the latter is very prosperous sales, monthly sales of 20,000 is not a thing.Capgemini Stars is also MPV, and what is the difference between Capgemini?The Capgemini is a six-seater, while the Jiachen is a seven-seater.Capgemini will take a more refined route, while Jiachen is smaller, with an extra seat, and takes a more practical route.What about Wuling Jiachen there are two improvements. First, it looks more refined.It is difficult to connect Jiachen with wuling Hongguang in terms of appearance and interior.The overall appearance of the design style, and released last year wuling Stars is very similar.Interior design, also had the naked eye visible progress.The overall style is obviously more home, it can be said to completely abandon the function of pulling goods.Secondly, the comfort is better.According to the current flow of product data, Jiachen has improved the static design and greatly improved the sound insulation design of the vehicle.Inside the car also used a step arrangement, each row of passengers have a good sense of space.There are two things missing first, no sideslip doors.Limited by cost reasons, it is still a four-door side-opening design.The failure to use the side sliding door is understandable, but it is not a small impact on the utility of the vehicle.Second, motivation is old.The 1.5T efI +CVT powertrain carried by Jiachen is an old acquaintance of Wuling product line.It’s 147 horsepower and 250N·m of peak torque, which is decent for this car.As other brands continue to upgrade, the only advantage of this machine may be its authenticity.It is possible that the new 177 horse 1.5T engine will be replaced later.The possible pricing from the existing product information of Silver Standard Wuling is still the main cost-effective.Therefore, jia Chen will certainly have a close price.By contrast, based on baojun 530 stars, pricing is slightly lower than Baojun 530.Currently, baojun 730 CVT models sell for 91,800 to 101,800 yuan.The price of Jiachen may be less than 90,000 yuan, and the high-end model is around 100,000 yuan.Wuling Jiachen We are not optimistic about the product strength is not all the reasons we are not optimistic about Wuling Jiachen, not entirely for the product level.Of course, jiachen also has some problems: the platform is based on the old Baojun 730, old bottles of new wine;The power system is old…But in this level of the market, these are not consumers most concerned about the pain point, on the contrary, good Chen overall look good.If it sells for 80,000 to 100,000, there are not many competing models at that price.Two are relatives of his own: they are not optimistic about Jiachen’s prospects because the market itself is too small.There are suVs that are hard to sell in markets where MPVS can compete, and they depend not just on space, but on space utilization.European-style vans, such as the Mattway, are similar in size to the Passat, but offer richer, more substantial interior space.In extreme cases, kei-cars in Japan use space to the limit.However, the space utilization efficiency of MPV products in China is not high.Some seven-seater models, the third row space is not ideal.What’s more, the low floor advantage of MPV does not exist when cars and SUVs are used as platforms.Part of the MPV space is not the same as the price of suVs, and the same price as the three-seat SUV is naturally difficult to talk about competitiveness.The same 100,000 yuan, 7 seats, this big SUV looks so cool Wuling Jiachen has not solved the problem that 100,000 yuan MPV faced in the past, Jiachen has not solved.We from the current outflow of good Chen data, and did not see it in the space utilization rate of what unique insights.For example, it is not difficult to see from the figure that the luggage space after the third row tends to be zero.The overall size of the Jiachen is even smaller than that of the six-seater Capgemini.Positioning in 80,000-100,000 yuan, can provide automatic transmission +7 seat SUV, there are many.Many of them are in the size of mid-to-large SUVs.Combine that with a sharper look and better passability, and it’s obvious who consumers will choose.What will the next Magic car be?I have two thoughts: one is a little calm: maybe it’s a silver label version of baojun 510?Stars, beautiful Chen’s appearance, explained bao Jun some models will gradually transfer, and Bao Jun 510 itself was once a fire SUV.If there is a better design, affordable baojun 510, will be popular again?But that won’t solve Wuling’s problems.People’s consumption upgrade is more and more obvious, the average budget of car purchase is higher and higher, but Wuling is still taking the old model of decoration over and over again.The promotion of Wuling brand power can not catch up with the speed of consumption upgrading.The second is bolder: a Chinese version of the square-box Kei-car, perhaps an electric Car?As consumption becomes more rational, maybe square boxes will catch on in China?With an electric drive, space and features might be more playable.Of course, the real god car, must be better than the market, the existence of leading demand.As a national brand, Wuling still needs to refuel.What do you think?Jiachen, what do you think