Potty free throws are solid and accurate. Why not shaq?

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NBA legend Richie Barry is known for his unconventional but effective free throw shooting technique with the pot-tip.His career free throw percentage of 88 percent was the highest in the HISTORY of the ABA (the NBA’s predecessor), and by the time he retired in 1980, he was even shooting 90 percent from the line, also the highest record of any NBA player at the time.In contrast, shaquille O ‘Neal, one of the best centers in NBA history, attempted 2,317 free throws in his career and shot just 52.7 percent.It wasn’t a stat to be proud of, but he wasn’t impressed by Barry’s pot-grabbing free throws.He said of Barry’s free throws: “I really don’t want to shoot like that. It’s boring.As a kid, I was advised to consider these free throws, but Sarge told me never to do it.I told Barry I wouldn’t use it even if I shot 0% free throws.My dad says that’s for sissies!”