“Root cure owes wages” in yulin pioneer park a period of work, many migrant workers wages were in arrears

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“It has been a year since THE work I did last year and I still haven’t been paid.”Recently, a number of migrant workers reported that they work in the South district of Yulin High-tech Zone N3 section, dozens of workers were unpaid wages of hundreds of thousands of yuan.The unpaid workers said the project was owned by the high-tech Zone management Committee and built by Shaanxi Rongcheng Construction Co.On the afternoon of January 27, a group of migrant workers came to the construction site in the cold wind to see the start-up park they had been involved in, but their wages were still in arrears.Huashang daily reporters on the scene to see that the first phase of the building has been completed and put into use, breakfast was used by the four corners.Outside the Caigang Room of the project department, workers said that they were working here at that time, engaged in cable laying outdoor work, and have not been paid from 2021 to now. The construction unit is Shaanxi Rongcheng Construction Co., LTD.”I worked for 38 and a half days, the daily wage is 350 yuan, should pay salary 13450 yuan, there are workmates 17 days to 30 days, the same as me, should pay wages from thousands of yuan to ten thousand yuan.””Said Zou Haijun, a migrant worker.Another migrant worker, Master Xue, said his group was owed 77,000 yuan in total, while another worker from Wubao was owed more than 90,000 yuan.”The actual person in charge is Surnamed Shao, affiliated to Shaanxi Rongcheng Construction Co., LTD.”Zou haijun said.According to a letter of commitment provided by Zou Haijun, from November 3, 2020 to April 20, 2021, they carried out cable laying work, including electrical, pipeline and ventilation, etc. in the N3 bidding section of the First phase project of Enterprise Pioneer Park in Yulin High-tech Zone. The total amount of the final payment is 77,000 yuan, and the payment date is January 25, 2022.”Now the time for payment has passed and our wages have not yet arrived.”According to Shao, the payroll has also been made and the total amount involved is less than 300,000 yuan.The owner of the park is the high-tech Zone management Committee, which did not give them the money and did not have the money to pay in advance, so it could not pay.”Now immediately close, today high-tech zone management committee labor supervision brigade and the leadership of the management committee also called me, I pay a part of the first, the rest of the three months to pay, if you can not accept this way of handling, that how to go the program, according to the program.”Mr. Shao said.Has the high-tech Zone management Committee defaulted on the project payment, thus causing the wages of migrant workers to be implicated?On the afternoon of January 27, Jia Zhenglan, vice chairman of the Yulin CPPCC, chairman of the City federation of Industry and Commerce, director of the Yulin High-tech Zone Management Committee, said that she was meeting to let relevant department heads understand the handling of the matter.China Business daily reporter Qi Ming editor Wang Nana