The US will not succeed in isolating and punishing Russia because It has China behind it

2022-07-16 0 By

Due to the development of the situation between Russia and Ukraine, Ukraine has become the most tense region in the international community.Although in order to calm the situation, Russia has repeatedly stressed that its appeal is to stop NATO’s eastward expansion and explicitly refuse to allow Ukraine to join NATO, so as to ensure that Russia’s national interests and security are not threatened.But in this regard, the US and NATO are obviously not satisfied with Russia’s idea, and they are even constantly creating conflicts over Russia’s bottom line, in an attempt to make the problem more serious.It is also worrisome that the situation is changing from negotiations between the two countries to the withdrawal of troops on the border.Although the United States has not made a promise of “definitely going to war”, it has stopped waging a war of public opinion. For example, it has continuously used its advantage in public opinion to publicize false news claiming that “Russia has invaded Ukraine”.Biden also said that Russia would invade on February 16.For the United States, when it puts Russia in a disadvantageous position through various media, it can legitimately and directly impose sanctions on Russia.To America’s dismay, this approach does not sit well with its Allies.For example, the British media said that if the US tries to isolate Russia or impose sanctions on It, it will never succeed because China is behind Russia.The United States is planning talks on communications with its Allies to establish new rules to curb Russian communications and mobilize Allies through various incentive programs, according to people familiar with the discussions.From America’s point of view, since it and Russia are on a par militarily, Russia cannot escape sanctions in the economic field.Back in the cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States, the United States also relied on this method to achieve the ultimate victory.After all, at that time, the United States was in a weak position in the contest with the Soviet Union in the military field. However, since the United States grasped the pain point and implemented economic isolation on the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union was left with only ammunition and no food at home, and even the lack of material life made it difficult to support.Many years later, the United States wanted to repeat its success with this strategy, because the United States knew that even though Russia’s domestic light industry was developing, Russia’s material life was far from the standard of wealth due to geographical conditions and other reasons, and the supply chain needed to be improved.Therefore, in the view of the United States, if it can grasp this pain point, it is inevitable to “overthrow Russia once”., however, the British media have pointed out in the comments, the United States need to realize that today’s Russia is not the former Soviet union, have what’s more, behind Russia and China, China has the world’s largest market, and cooperation with Russia in recent years, more and more close, is America really think that lead to isolate Russia, can offset the benefits of cooperation between Russia and China?Some references: Huanqiu, Beijing Daily, Reference news network