Three years later, “The Rest of my Life” parachuted into a fixed file, On March 15, Gu Weilin’s school love premiered

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Three years later, gu Weilin’s School Love premiered on March 15. In August 2019, Gu Weilin’s School Love premiered on August 2019, and on November 6, the show was officially finished!I thought I could get on the early bus of the hit drama, but “Please advise me for the rest of my life” has not been officially announced online.Three years, the official propaganda several times on the line, but always in limen one foot, recovered.Is really “pigeon injury” the expectation value of net friends!After nearly 3 years, “The rest of my life” again ushered in the broadcast good news!March 14, the official micro airborne material: “the rest of my life to ask for more advice” set file March 15, Tuesday night eight o ‘clock!In this spring, Gu Wei and Lin Zhi school finally meet, from now on my world is illuminated by you!In order to make up for the “pigeonhooed” fans, the official weibo account released a series of videos to comfort them.The video briefly introduces the family situation of the School of Lin, he and his father Teacher Lin are a pair of father and daughter who love each other.Their lives are filled with bickering and mutual hatred.But his father suddenly a serious illness, also completely let Lin school for him to have a change.The other video also shows the sweet love between Lin zhixiao and Gu Wei, from acquaintance to friction and finally to gu Wei’s proposal on his knees.The love of two people on the road both warm, but also funny and obstruction……19 years “the rest of my life” began to shoot, Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi’s career is also on the rise, could have taken advantage of “the rest of my life” to strike while the iron is hot, another peak ratings.But the day did not meet people’s wishes, “the rest of my life” just finished, was each major platform “snow”, although the official micro publicity several times, but is not the play broadcast.And Xiao Zhan Yang Zi was also a lot of netizens unfortunately, lost the best broadcast period.The slow pace also makes many netizens lose the expectation of “Ask for advice for the rest of my life”.In 2011, there were two official announcements on the official wechat account that “The Rest of My Life” was on the air, but only a few videos were shown and the show ended hastily.However, despite just a few videos, the show has been viewed more than 200 million times and has 1.3 million followers on its official Weibo account, which shows how high expectations people have for the show.After several times of being stood up, there are still a lot of people wondering whether the rest of Our Lives is really on the air.Just now, xiao Zhan and Yang Zi, the two stars of The show, have gone online to promote the premiere of the show.Gu Wei, Lin’s school will finally meet this spring!Always optimistic, brave pursuit of the dream of the forest school, see you tomorrow night!Dedicated and serious, maintain the original intention and goodwill of Gu Wei, see you tomorrow night!Unreachable dreams, sudden accidents, unspoken care……No matter how far you travel, your family will always be with you on this journey called “kinship.”—— Gu Weilin’s school