Dell: I really enjoy working under Conti and I try to lead the defence from the back half

2022-07-17 0 By

Since Antonio Conte took over at Tottenham hotspur, England defender Dyer has been one of the most popular players in the central three and has spoken of his love for manager Antonio Conte and his satisfaction with his current position.Dyer said: “SINCE I came to Tottenham I’ve been trying to improve my skills in all areas and I think leadership is definitely one of those things and I’m more of a leader now.I am really enjoying working under coach Conte, he has given me a lot of confidence, and I am also enjoying my position and the way I am playing.To play in this position, it is important to lead the defence as much as possible, to lead the team, to be very loud and organised and I am trying to do my best.”It was a very important win for us against Manchester City, they are a good team, probably the best in the world.For us to go to Manchester and win was massive and hopefully it will push us on.But this victory will only matter if we look at it in the right way.We need to realize that if we go into every game with that intensity and effort, then we will be on a roll.We need to approach this game with humility and understanding that as a team we can do very well.”