Dunhuang public Security: poverty alleviation sends warm Spring warm people’s hearts

2022-07-17 0 By

Recently, the Traffic police brigade of Dunhuang Municipal Public Security Bureau came to Yanchacun Village of Zhuanqukou Town to carry out a warm visit and condolence activity during the Spring Festival in order to do a good job in rural revitalization, and further promote the relationship between police and people.At every door, police are cordial talks with difficult people, and learn more about their living conditions, health and income, encourage them to be sure to firm the confidence, keep optimistic attitude towards life, under the party and the government’s policy support, to have a good day, and told the delegates county-rural cadres more life caring about difficult people,Help them solve practical problems in life in time.At the same time, rice, noodles, cooking oil and Lunar New Year greetings were sent to the needy.Through the visit condolence activities, so that the difficult people feel the care and warmth of the party and the organization, effectively maintain the area of peace and harmony of the festival environment, to create a strong atmosphere of the police family.