Monthly salary 5000, hard to find a waitress after the year, hot pot restaurant owner: recruitment is more than job hunting

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After the Spring Festival, Liu Jianmin, the owner of a hotpot restaurant in Ganzhou, Jiangxi province, is both happy and worried.Happy because after the Spring Festival, young people from rural hometown back to Ganzhou to work, catering business will gradually usher in a hot situation.The reason for my worry is that it is difficult to recruit people after the Spring Festival. The recruitment season after the Spring Festival is usually busy, but this year, it is strange that fewer people come to apply for jobs than in previous years. A Job fair for the Spring Festival attracted nearly 500 enterprises, but less than 400 people came to apply for jobs.After two days at the job fair, liu jianmin failed to find a single waiter, only less than 10 people came to inquire, and none came. “I didn’t expect that this year there were more applicants than applicants,” the hotpot restaurant owner said. “It’s very difficult to recruit people.”After the Spring Festival, the shortage of catering workers again, Liu Jianmin said that the Spring Festival in the past is very good recruitment, many people would change jobs during the Spring Festival, but this year than last year, the shortage is more difficult to recruit.”Today’s young people don’t want to work in the catering industry, and we’re at a loss. We’ve tried everything but to no avail,” joked Liu.Young people are fleeing the catering industry in fact, like Liu Jianmin, restaurant owners across the country are facing the problem of recruitment, a restaurant owner said in the group: “WE advise everyone not to do catering, not only face all kinds of inspections, now even can not recruit people.”According to data from a recruitment platform, the demand for jobs in China’s catering industry surged by 15 percent in 2020, but the number of job seekers declined by 25 percent. Meanwhile, the number of job seekers interested in new freelance positions, such as anchors and delivery services, increased by 30 percent.In other words, young people would rather be an anchor or a video producer than a restaurant or a waiter or waitress.Times are changing and young people are finding jobs in more diverse directions.Ten years ago, if a high school or junior high school graduate went out to find a job, only labor-intensive jobs like factories, restaurants and hotels were suitable for them. These jobs were all hard and tiring, with long working hours, low pay and repetitive boring and simple jobs.However, 10 years later, young people born in the 2000s are facing more diversified employment opportunities. After graduating from junior middle school, they can not only work as waiters, but also deliver food and express delivery to factories. They can even work as anchors and shoot videos.In order to attract young people, restaurant owners have tried all kinds of ways. The most obvious is to raise salaries. Salaries of waiters and waitresses have risen significantly in recent years.Liu Jianmin’s hot-pot restaurant in Ganzhou, Jiangxi province, offered 5,000 yuan a month to recruit waiters, but few applied. From the fourth day of the first lunar month to the 11th day of the first lunar month, a week later, liu jianmin’s hot-pot restaurant failed to recruit any waiters.”There were 15 employees who would come to the store after the Spring Festival, but after the Spring Festival, five of them suddenly stopped talking,” liu said. “Now I don’t expect to find young people. I’m satisfied to find an aunt in her 50s to serve as a waitress.”Recruiting young girls as waiters became Liu jianmin’s ambition.Liu jianmin’s hotpot restaurant can’t recruit waitresses, only young men or aunts, but customers prefer to see waitresses serving them.Liu jianmin has been in the restaurant business for 15 years. In the past, there was never a shortage of waiters, and all of them were female and boys could only be cooks. But now, whenever a young man comes in, he can be a waiter or a cook if he wants to.”I also want to pay more, but if it reaches 6,000 yuan, I will lose money and have no profit for a month,” liu said.Young people are not willing to go, and the catering industry can not open out more attractive salary, catering industry recruitment difficult problem, will only become more and more serious.What do you think about that?Give people roses, lingering fragrance, like, tweet and forward good luck, wish you unexpected luck and sudden joy.This article is original by catering new era, welcome to pay attention to, take you with long knowledge!Welcome to leave a comment, collect and forward, each of your points like, I seriously as “like”.If you are interested in the catering industry, love food, like entrepreneurship, have ideas and dreams, then you might as well pay attention to us, every day to bring you a different perspective to interpret catering entrepreneurship, share food.There are more wonderful views, welcome everyone private letter me, pictures from the network with pictures, if there is infringement, please inform to delete.