Take the road of common prosperity jia Jia Zhuang spring lantern will shine brilliantly

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Wang Hongjia will pass on the night of the Lantern Festival in the year of the Tiger, but the story of this village should remain forever.Jiajiazhuang, Fenyang, Shanxi, is just a village with nearly 3,000 people, and not a single migrant worker.From the establishment of the first fenyang cooperative, adhere to the road of collectivism for nearly 70 years.This is a dream village, a village that insists on common prosperity.Xinhua News Agency reporters on the spot to report the fifth Jiajiazhuang Lantern Festival.You can see that this is the collective economy of the light, lit up hundreds of miles around the urban and rural people happy Lantern Festival!Visitors are attracted to the 5th Dinosaur Lantern Festival at The Jiajiazhuang Ecological Park in Fenyang, Shanxi Province.The exhibition will open on December 24, 2021, and will last 132 days with eight themes, including spring Greeting and blessing, folk customs, water lantern group and Silk Road.On the day of the Lantern Festival, Xinhua News Agency reporter takes you on a stroll in Jiajiazhuang to enjoy colorful lanterns on land and water.Source: Hong A article