Taxi out of control overturned, Zhuzhou citizens together lift car rescue

2022-07-17 0 By

Sanxiang Metropolis Daily · Hua Sheng online February 19 news (article/video omnimedia reporter Yang Jiangui correspondent Guan Li) “People who do not know each other, unspoken righteous act, interpret the great love of this city!”On February 18, a taxi driver suddenly fell ill, lost control of the overturned car, a group of enthusiastic citizens together to lift the car rescue short video, zhuzhou citizens circle of friends triggered a hot discussion.Video surveillance shows a taxi driving from east to west on Xinhua East Road, Hetang District, Zhuzhou city, at 12 noon on February 15. When passing xinsi Road, the taxi directly ran into the median of the road, overturned in the middle of the road, fortunately, passengers were not serious, immediately climbed out of the car.B22 bus driver Xiao Weisheng was one of the witnesses.February 19, he recalled to reporters, at that time, he was driving through this section of the road, witnessed the matter, immediately stopped the bus, and the roadside more than 10 enthusiastic citizens will be reasonable vehicle turnover, and call 120 emergency telephone, “first of all, five or six people push, push can not move, behind a few more, there are middle school students.””The driver suffered a seizure while driving and lost control of the vehicle.”Reporters from the local traffic police department learned that the driver surnamed Ma, the head injury at the time of the incident, the scene has lost consciousness.After rescue in hospital, her vital signs are stable and she is receiving further treatment in hospital.