The injury was only for the moment

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When the leaves fall in late autumn, the village is in deep meditation.Why, when I have spoken my mind before my door, have I not spoken?The wind rustled the dry corn stalks against the wall, and the grass on the banks moved in the wind.The river below the dark willow bank flows slowly towards the distant light.My words get stuck in my throat, but I can’t spit them out. When I open my mouth, it’s too dry to be on fire.How did it get so complicated at that point?I become a clown. What if I don’t?My hidden heart is hidden again.This world how so material desire to flow, originally very simple things, people do not ghost is not ghost, said li can not explain, the way is not white.I am confused, my young heart does not understand the world, do not look for relationships.I didn’t realize it until it was too late.She sent word from the yard, and you won’t leave.I was in the dark at that point in the window where the yellow light was, and her face was a little red, and her eyes were angry.What didn’t I say?And she was angry.I was young and stupid.I am very painful, I am very helpless, but I do not understand, clearly, why to be angry?It was late at night and the autumn moon was moving slowly in the sky.I was outside the window of the desolate small wind blow awake, that is a nightmare, I can not answer the grievance of the heart.I just want to get a pure love, but the vulgar life is a joke.My eyes opened slightly and I thought a lot. Once again I cried out and complained in my dream, but who could hear me?