Global quality Citroen Versailles C5 X received a five-star rating

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As the blockbuster new car of Dongfeng Citroen, Versailles C5 X has attracted high attention from consumers with its excellent shape design, rich configuration and excellent comfort since its launch.The Versailles C5 X was awarded a “five-star” rating in the latest c-NCAP crash test results.From the point of view of the results, set up the safety benchmark at the same level.So, how exactly is the performance?As can be seen from C-NCAP’s official website, Dongfeng Citroen Versailles C5 X has achieved a comprehensive score of 90.6%, ranking among the models involved in the test.C-ncap is regarded as the authoritative crash testing organization because of its comprehensive testing program, including occupant protection, pedestrian protection and active safety.Among them, occupant protection is undoubtedly the focus of the test project, its score accounts for up to 70%, is a model safety “touchstone”.Dongfeng Citroen Versailles C5 X scored 91.38% in the main item of occupant protection.No matter it is full frontal impact test, side impact test, frontal 40% overlap deformable barrier collision, or even whipping test, all of them get high scores. The damage of the dummy in the car is less, and the protection measures are effective and comprehensive.From the point of view of excellent results, it has fully verified the global quality of Versailles C5 X.According to dongfeng Citroen, the Versailles C5 X was developed to meet the safety needs of all parts of the world.Therefore, Versailles C5 X selected a large number of high-strength steel, high strength steel accounted for 80%, can be described as “steel and iron bones”.When designing the car body, some enterprises only care about whether the occupants are safe after the collision, but ignore the protection of pedestrians.As a responsible brand, Dongfeng Citroen takes great pains to protect pedestrians.The Versailles C5 X is a spectacular model with an active hood that can significantly reduce head injuries to pedestrians.As a result, we also see the Versailles C5 X perform quite well in the C-NCAP pedestrian protection test with a score of 12.018.Many consumers believe that the passive safety of a car is more important than the active safety.In fact, for today’s new cars, active safety is more high-tech.Active safety items are included in the C-NCAP crash test.In the test, the Versailles C5X scored 14.657 points, with a score rate of 97.71 percent.Video from the test review shows that the Versailles C5 X is equipped with electronic stability control system, so that the vehicle always maintains driving stability.The new car’s emergency braking system is able to accurately identify obstacles.In the field test, the Versailles C5 X brake in time to avoid collision effectively in the vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-pedestrian links.For consumers, this safety configuration can greatly avoid occurrence and improve the safety of daily driving.In terms of body structure and active safety, the Versailles C5 X is on the top of the class.The safety of health is also a specialty of Versailles C5 X.The new car uses the Clean Cabin, which can effectively filter more than 99% of PM2.5 particles, according to the official information.For users, they can feel the fresh air inside the car every day, effectively improving the pleasant mood and comfort of driving.Understand dongfeng Citroen all know, in building Versailles C5 X, has been actively listening to the voice of customers and suggestions.Through continuous efforts, maximize to meet the needs of consumers.So, starting in March, Dongfeng Citroen offered an optional 18-inch wheel service for the Versailles C5 X.18-inch rims are diamond-cut and dynamic, with 225/55 R18 tire specifications, which have the same performance as 19-inch wheels, excellent grip performance and serenity.It is worth mentioning that 18-inch wheels are optional at no additional cost.In addition, in order to further improve the convenience of car owners, Dongfeng Citroen launched the original reversing radar after-sales installation service for Versailles C5 X extraordinary models, so that owners can install the original reversing radar, with the existing reversing image to achieve easier and safer parking.According to the “2021 New Passenger Car Quality Report” released, Citroen brand with the failure rate of domestic new cars, won the “overseas brand Domestic new car quality performance ranking”.The affirmation of the authority has fully verified the outstanding quality of dongfeng Citroen models.It is worth mentioning that in order to further reduce the purchase threshold of Versailles C5 X, Dongfeng Citroen recently launched a new car purchase policy — only 999 yuan down payment, you can buy Versailles C5 X.Interested consumers, might as well act quickly, fast one step to experience the “Versailles” type of high-quality car life, driving Versailles C5 X, to encounter beautiful spring scenery.