Shanghai late night food delivery man: pull up a thousand pounds of vegetables to 3 a.m

2022-07-18 0 By

Recently, in Shanghai, there was a group of late night food delivery people…Chen Yanshan, a supermarket manager in Shanghai.Since the outbreak, due to the increasing demand for daily necessities of Shanghai residents, and the limited manpower, Chen Yanshan and his shop assistants, every day with hydraulic truck to pull supplies, rushing to deliver vegetables to residents on the road, until the end of the delivery.A car, on a thousand catties of vegetables, on the bridge two people pull one push……The last night, to 3 o ‘clock in the morning.Chen yanshan said that a colleague asked if he had ever heard of the “children’s song”, “The Lone Brave Man”. I quite like the line “Who said that only those who stand in the light are heroes”.(Reporter Liu Xiao produced by Xu Miaoqiao) Switchboard: 86-10-887826688 Illegal and undesirable information hotline: 15699788000 The information posted on this website does not reflect the views of China News Service or published and used in this website shall be authorized in writing.Unauthorized reprinting, excerpting, copying and the establishment of mirror image is prohibited, violators will be investigated for legal responsibility.Copyright © 1999-2022 All Rights Reserved