Asahi Juku Secondary School of High School in Japan

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Asahi Juku High School is located in North District, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan. The total number of students in the high school is 150, accounting for 10% of the Total number of Korean students.Asahi Juku Secondary School is located in The North district of Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture. It was established in 2004. It is a school for both boys and girls.Every year, Asahi Juku secondary School recruits students from grade one to grade two from Korea, Thailand and Korea.The purpose of the school’s classroom teaching service is to “attach importance to the personalized development of high-level cultural education”.The school not only carries out professional knowledge and culture education to students, but also pays more attention to shaping students’ character, physical health and sound personality.The proportion of students majoring in literature and history, science and engineering is 7:3, and most of the students are public or private universities in the department of medicine and dentistry.The school will carry out careful admission guidance according to the specific situation of students.Every year, students are admitted to famous public and private universities such as Kyoto University, University of Tsukuba and Waseda University.2. The school provides single bedroom for students to create a safe and secure learning environment.The restaurant is adjacent to the dormitory building and provides students with three meals a day.2, 1, the advantages of the new project of asahi private secondary education school six years has always been culture education, high school class 1, 2, learning basic training course content, high beginning 3, 1 clear the general goals for the future (from diagnosis and orientation, international orientation, into the study direction of three bearing), high 2, 3 decision entrance bearing, for students to carry out the inspection on time and entrance guidance.2. The school provides sufficient off-campus activities for students. Every year, all the students of grade 2 go to Australia for exchange and learning.(1) Clinical Medicine course Content (Science Department) is designed for students who want to enter the medical school of public university or private university.(2) General education courses (department of Arts and Science) Medical school courses offered by foreign public universities or private universities, as long as hard work, everyone is able to achieve their ideals.(3) The overall goal of international education courses is to contribute their skills in English to the world and become an international excellent talent.I chatted in English in the classroom and studied with many foreign students.From Monday to Friday 4:30 to 5:30 are after-school activities.Students can choose from volunteer activities, extracurricular activities and after-school tutoring.On Sundays, the school will hold various sports to enrich the high school years.1. Exam fee: 20,000 Yen 2. Tuition, etc., accumulated 2,160,000 yen for the first academic year (1) Transfer to the class to pay 360,000 yen admission fee = 150,000 yen;Dormitory fee = 50,000 yen;Student uniform fee = 160,000 yen (especially 23,000 yen for model size).(2) Total payment for one year = 1,850,000 Yen (* 2 personal room = 1,620,000 Yen) A. Tuition fee, machine and equipment fee 773,000 Yen =390,000 yen;Natural environment reserve =228,000 yen;Central air conditioning =6,700 yen;Culture and education transformation development fee =60,000 yen;PTA membership fee =12,000 yen;Student dues =12,000 yen;All risks =20,000 Yen;International student service fee =44,300 yen.B. Settlement fee and food fee: 1,077,000 Yen; settlement fee for a single room: 483,000 yen;A double room costs 303,000 yen.Note: The total amount paid for one year does not include the cost of books, auxiliary books, theme activities, national health insurance, materials for entry and management, materials for visa upgrade and travel expenses (including accompanying staff) service fees, etc.※ Tuition fee (course content fee, dormitory fee, board fee, surcharge) Normally tuition fee is delivered in one lump sum and is not refundable once paid.Tuition fees will not be refunded in case of suspension due to violation of school rules or absence of permission to return to China for no reason.※ You only need to pay once when you enter the university in the first year.It’s the amount you have to pay every year.※ After you come to Japan, you will have to apply for the visa according to the change of the school. The service fee is 30,000 yen (including the printing cost).Note: The above tuition fees are for reference only.1. Admission Stage and Lecture Time (1) Admission Stage: April and September (2) Lecture time: Gradually improve the content of the course with Japanese students according to their Japanese proficiency.9:15-12:20 Monday to Friday Saturday morning class 13:20-16:20 noon ※ Lecture time cannot be selected.(1) I have a clear goal of learning and training in Japan, and I want to continue to devote myself to it.(2) Strictly follow Japanese laws and regulations or customs, and can follow various management systems of the school.(In case of violation of school rules or return to China without any reason or approval, suspension may be imposed) (3) The dashboard should conform to the real identity of senior high school students.(Long hair, dyed hair, tattoo, earrings, etc., are strictly prohibited) (4) Expenses payers who have budgets for tuition and living expenses.(5) Students who have graduated from junior high school or will graduate from university.(Regular high school students can also be transferred to schools.(6) can prove the Japanese learning training experience (1 year), (7) have the following Japanese working ability (8) expect to be included in the middle school can discuss.Note: the application qualification only represents the basic standards of the school’s enrollment of students. Whether the school can recruit students depends on the combination of the students and the school’s identification of the students.Even if the student is employed by the school, it does not mean that the student can apply for the qualification of staying in Japan successfully. Whether the student can apply for the qualification of staying in Japan depends on the authenticity, validity, consistency and authenticity of the materials provided by the student and the resolution of the Japan entry administration Office.4, hotel accommodation allocation and remit money (1) distribution of school uniform help students dormitories, be sure to live in the school dormitory, is inside the school, is very close distance teaching students in the classroom, and bedroom first can be applied for 365 days, 1 year school faculty, staff and students live together for a long time, is beneficial to students’ understanding and life, and the processing of all kinds of problems.(2) There is also a study room in the dormitory. Students can study and train in their own dormitory as well as in the self-study room.There are professional teachers’ specific guidance in the study room from 20:00 to 22:00, providing excellent and convenient learning environment for students.(3) Please refer to the remittance account of tuition fees for the remittance account indicating the cost.To learn more