Ministry of Water Resources: the sand mining management order of the Yangtze River is generally controllable and showing a good trend

2022-07-19 0 By

The leading group of Yangtze River sand mining Management Cooperation mechanism of the Ministry of Water Resources, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Transport recently held an expanded meeting in Beijing to discuss sand mining management along the Yangtze River with the Supreme People’s Court, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the State Administration for Market Regulation.The meeting held that the Yangtze River sand mining management order is generally controllable and showing a good trend, the sand mining management responsibility is fully covered, the coordination and linkage mechanism is constantly improved, the supervision of sand-related activities is comprehensively strengthened, the comprehensive control of sand mining has achieved fruitful results, sand mining vessels and sand mining behavior of the special treatment has achieved remarkable results, sand and stone utilization is constantly intensive standard.