Cristiano Ronaldo has been beaten by Manchester United in an eight-game drought.Only Pogba can save United and Cristiano Ronaldo

2022-07-20 0 By

A humiliating defeat in the fa Cup in the early hours of this morning has seen Manchester United bid farewell to three trophies: the FA Cup, the Fa Cup and the Premier League.Cristiano Ronaldo was once again in the firing line after missing a crucial penalty.Pogba created a penalty for Ronaldo to take, but his shot went wide to deny United the lead.In the end, United were dragged to penalties and lost 9-8.Cristiano Ronaldo had the team’s lowest points after an eight-game drought.Cristiano ronaldo is still cristiano Ronaldo and the problem is that united’s midfield lacks creativity after Pogba’s injury.Cristiano ronaldo’s total lack of organisation has been a cancer on the team, undermining Manchester United.Benitez, who has become a duffer, wasted two excellent chances.In the 71st minute, middlesbrough made a mistake in front of goal and Fey managed to tackle and hit the post in the face of an open goal.In stoppage time Fee again faced an empty net and headed wide.At this level, he has twice rejected Manchester United’s offer of a new contract, demanding a top salary of £400,000.Today’s game proved once again that Fergie is just another superstar, a fake core of Manchester United who cannot help the team in tough games.When the team needed him most, fergie would only go to Cristiano ronaldo.He is still enjoying his 28 goals and 18 assists last year and has no future at Manchester united unless he puts his attitude right soon.Pogba, on the other hand, proved in one game that he was the heart of the team.Pogba made all eight of his first-half attempts and converted a penalty, completing 90 per cent of his passes.Pogba has told the world that he is the real heart of Manchester United and that he is the man who will guarantee the title.Now that United are out of the fa Cup, the Fa Cup and the Premier League, only the Champions League is up for grabs.United’s champions League opponents are in poor form atletico Madrid and they have a very good chance of going through to the next round.Especially in the case of Pogba’s return, with pogba’s support, Atletico Madrid killer Cristiano Ronaldo can use the goal to eliminate Atletico!United have improved this season with the additions of cristiano Ronaldo, sancho and Juan Varane, and are regarded by pundits as serious contenders for the Premier League and Champions League.However, solskjaer was not capable of flying a carrier and was dismissed with it.The new manager has not changed, the results are as bad as ever, today was lost to the Championship team.After Ferguson, it seems, only Mourinho has been successful, helping United win the treble and finish second in the Premier League.Why did it work?Because of iron and blood, because of strict governance of the army.As a result, Manchester United finally chose DNA, abandoned the spirit of iron and steel, so far there is no hope of winning the championship.The good news is that United can knock out Atletico, get rid of diego Simeone and bring him back to Manchester United.United just need a good manager, pogba and Cristiano ronaldo to get close to goal and it will be easy to win.