Gu Was a little nervous

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“My goal is to stand on the podium in all three events at the Winter Olympics!”Now, Gu Ailing is closer to the goal she set before the competition.The weather at the Genting Ski Park in The Zhangjiakou area of the Beijing Winter Olympics was sunny this morning, but occasional strong winds added a lot of uncertainty to the competition.China’s Gu Ailing won the silver medal in the women’s freestyle ski slopestyle final at the Beijing Winter Olympics here, scoring 86.23 points.It was her second medal of the Games after gold on the platform.Mathilde Gremaud of Switzerland and Kylie Sildaru of Estonia won first and third place respectively.Gu Ailing of China after her competition in Beijing, Feb 15, 2018.As the highest level of ice and snow sports arena, the Winter Olympics has always been a fierce competition.Even with a “big heart” Gu Ailing, after a fierce battle, the state of mind is hard to avoid fluctuations.This game, Gu Ailing’s silver process can be described as ups and downs, thrilling, but also let the audience follow a nervous.The women’s freestyle ski slopestyle final is divided into three rounds, with the best result of one round determining the final ranking.In the first round, Gu played smoothly, but there was an obvious flaw in the second prop area, scoring 69.9 points.In the second round, Gu fell at the third obstacle in the prop area and scored only 16.98 points.Gu sat in the snow for a while as the crowd gasped, then adjusted her helmet and slowly skated away from the field.By this time, she had dropped to the 8th place, the scene of the Chinese audience are nervous for her.In the third round, when the MEDALS were decided, the normally calm Gu showed rare nervousness at the start.She pursed her lips and sat silent for a few seconds on the starting block before sliding down the track.Gu resisted the pressure and scored 86.23 points in a smooth routine to clinch a silver medal.Slopestyle course features complex terrain, with multiple routes for athletes to choose. The course consists of a series of jumps and street obstacles, including slope, platform, track and platform terrain.Compared with the big platform event, this event tests the overall ability of the athletes.Athletes who can enter the finals have strong strength, so it is particularly important to improvisational performance and psychological state.”When I feel enough pressure, I wake up and I focus on what makes me happy on the ski. I don’t think about the score or the result of the race.”Gu said that was how she approached the third round after losing in the second.Gu has been known for her excellent performance and mental stability in the Winter Olympics, but let’s not forget that she is only an 18-year-old girl.Faced with a tight schedule and huge competition pressure, Gu will also feel nervous.”The expectations of friends and family, the impulse to compete, can create a high-pressure environment,” Gu wrote in her own statement.Pressure can be a positive force for a fighter who can overcome it, but it can also be a decisive factor in losing.However, gu, with strength and confidence, or with positive adjustment to overcome the pressure and tension.After the match, the smile was back on her face: “I had a fall today and I didn’t feel very good, but to finally break through myself makes me feel very proud.”After winning the gold medal at the Shougang Grand Platform a few days ago, the most common thing Gu said to reporters was, “I don’t compete with the mentality of beating others. I compete to show my best and challenge myself.”Today, although she narrowly missed the gold medal, but also successfully challenged herself, beat herself.According to the schedule, Gu will appear in the halfpipe freestyle skiing qualifier on The 17th.It was gu’s last event at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Looking ahead to the next competition, Gu said: “SINCE the Olympics, I have done a lot of things that I could not do before. I have made a lot of breakthroughs and I will enjoy the competition in the following competitions.”(China Industrial Network – Workers’ Daily Zhangjiakou February 15)