The New Year is drawing to a close!Let me tell you how cats greet the New Year

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It’s the end of the New Year.While we were all laughing and preparing for the New Year, did your cat join you in preparing for the New Year?In fact, cats are also very ritualistic, and they will do things to prove that they are happy and happy with their owners.Here are seven ways cats welcome in the New Year. Find out if your pet is doing these things.If you have a cat in your house, you may have noticed something strange. Your cat is sleeping less every day. You often see them running, wandering around, meooping and interacting with the poop manager.This is because cats sense their owners’ recent happiness, as well as changes in lighting and decorations around the home, making them more energetic, companionable and eager for more snacks.Cats aren’t so much welcoming the New Year as they are welcoming their own meal.Humans have been known to express their happiness by gesticulating around the room and touching someone close to them to convey the pleasure.Cats, on the other hand, sniff each other’s butts, which is exactly what our cats have been doing lately.This is how they communicate their excitement to each other, and how they greet the big day.Have you ever found your cat rummaging around the house looking for toys, throwing them away, and picking them up again?If you have a small ball in your home, be careful that your cat is addicted to playing with the ball. Through the sound of the ball falling to the ground, you can express your cat’s inner excitement and joy at this time.Many poop collectors will buy clothes and hats for cats and dress them in beautiful costumes during the New Year.So you can get inspiration, like getting manicures in cat style, buying clothes with cats on them, it’s very fashionable and fun.It is also their wish to spend the New Year with their owners by wearing cute cats.Cats are like huskies once they inhale catnip.Catnip is also a favorite for cats celebrating their good day, and as long as the owner has a good supply of catnip, they can definitely see a lot of cats rolling around on the floor.It’s also a way for cats to show their happiness by sniffing catnip and showing their owners that they’re active and happy.6. Go to the table and have a meal with the host During the New Year, you will find that the cat at home was afraid to go to the table, courage is not small, dare to go to the table and have a meal with the host, will also eat some of the host’s bones and meat crumbs on the plate, to help the host better carry out the disc action.In fact, when cats see more people in the house, and their owners and relatives can cheer at the same table, the relaxed atmosphere will encourage cats to think that their owners are too busy with other people to kick them off the table.People who sleep late on New Year’s Eve will become extremely sensitive for a period of time after being disturbed by noises such as firecrackers. At this time, they will have a full sense of security when they sleep with their owners.And cats know that their owners are in a good mood and want to share in the joy, so they will stay with their owners until noon on New Year’s Day, or even longer, which is a way for cats to welcome the New Year.In fact, how do cats know the New Year? They only know that their owner’s family is looking forward to the arrival of these days, and they will also do something different to accompany their owner.In fact, little cats do not know how to Chinese New Year, in their eyes, the shovel excrement officer is everything.Meow medicine says: If you suspect your pet is sick, call the doctor immediately.For health-related issues, be sure to consult your veterinarian, as they have examined your pet, know its health history and can advise on the best treatment for your pet.If you like meow medicine, you might as well move your fingers to follow me, welcome to share ~