Wang Xiaofei speak again, I want to have children, I don’t allow a person I don’t know to let them call dad

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I always think it is a ridiculous thing to call a stranger “mom and Dad”. A person’s father and mother are the only one, no matter how close you are, there is no need to make an issue of the title.Children have their own father Wang Xiaofei, this point her siblings should understand, the 10-year-old daughter should love their father more.Xiao Fei should not be afraid, in a few years when the children grow up he can return to Beijing.In fact, men are miserable. Children are always closer to their mothers. In many cases, the relationship between children and their fathers depends on how mothers evaluate and describe their fathers in front of their children.Originally, Xiao Fei could not say, but his sister, every day out singing, just divorced for a long time, may also be angry, especially thinking of the child can not help.After all, she is the biological father of the child. It really hurts that S is always so nice to her new brother-in-law.Even if you don’t care about your ex-brother-in-law, what your nieces and nephews will think of you in the future is outrageous.In principle, there is nothing wrong with the child and his mother, but the problem is that the mother is so unreliable and the environment there is not suitable for the healthy growth of the child. Here comes another stick. Oh my God, Xiao Fei has to come back.I don’t know why anything else happened, but we’re all on the same page about the baby.But if you love your children as much as you do, it’s a comfort. If I start a family again in the future, I want my children to have another family member to love them.I understand the pain.But that’s probably what you’ve been dealing with since you split up.If you marry again, the result will be the same.It’s just that you think she’s getting married too soon, and you haven’t really accepted it yet.Why not? Why not have kids? What did you do when you got divorced.You should ask for custody of even one child in a divorce.This time, I think Wang xiaofei’s voice is more like us ordinary people. It is normal for a father who loves his children to make fun of him.I feel sorry for Wang Xiaofei. She can’t be around her own child, so soon she becomes someone else’s stepson.So did not fight for custody, Wang Xiaofei regrets.Divorce is not good, love no longer affection has been continued, have the ability to spend more time with the child!